1099 Contractor: Senior Event-Graphic Specialist
Fully Remote
Job Type

Role Summary

Are you a masterful designer with a passion for doing what it takes to get a speaker ready for their big day? If so, we’d love to see your work!  Duarte is humbled to work with the world’s most influential brands and leaders. Our most exciting and rewarding moments come from helping our clients on high-stakes events. A 1099 Senior Event-Graphic Specialist would have the ability to quickly ramp up in a new brand, contribute to conceptual brainstorms, produce cinematic visual solutions and exhibit flexibility during a concentrated but iterative process. They thrive in a fast-paced workstream and understand the pressure and long days of event deadlines. We’re seeking contractors that can jump in for 2-4 weeks sprints and enjoy the thrill of contributing to large-scale events with impressive audiences.

1099 Senior Event-Graphic Specialists use the full Adobe Creative Suite together with Keynote, PowerPoint, and/or Google Slides to create cinematic visuals for engaging presentations. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Presentation Design

  • Excellent presentation design skills: Presentations are built with editability in mind, free from beginner mistakes, brand compliant and visually consistent 
  • Delivers presentations within the client brand guidelines
  • Follows established typographic hierarchy and grid structure while offering fresh alternative layouts 
  • Ability to see scenes vs. individual slides and deploy animation techniques to build cinematic sequences 
  • Understands the effective display of key data points through charts
  • Makes recommendations and finds solutions that improve the iterative nature of an event workflow 

Creative Process

  • Creates finished visuals from loose sketches while leveraging an established visual language 
  • Extends a brand’s visual style with new and fresh but compliant elements
  • Jumps into live .PS, .AI and presentation files with efficient hand-offs from the internal team
  • Can navigate brand libraries and find appropriate assets
  • Uses color to create contrast and impact 
  • Understands the importance of an underlying grid and the use of templates
  • Never sends a file out without a thorough review and QC check 
  • Always applies a pass of “fit and finish” that meets Duarte quality standards

Technical Knowledge

  • Demonstrates mastery in PowerPoint, Keynote and/or Google Slides 
  • Experience designing and optimizing for a large screen and/or multiple displays
  • Understands different file formats and can deliver conversions between platforms, sizes, and templates
  • Understands animation basics in presentation software and the theory behind purposeful motion
  • Has mastery in .AI and .PS techniques applicable to presentation design
  • Understands the functionality of templates, including masters and uses them efficiently during event workflows 
  • Imports video and can make basic edits within presentation software
  • Follows file optimization and naming best practices

Visual Thinking

  • Turns words into visuals by creating diagrams, infographics, charts, icons, etc. that thoughtfully display the client's key messages
  • Sketches more than one idea for visual concepts and comes up with unique solutions instead of the familiar or mundane
  • Composes balanced and unique layouts that go beyond the default 
  • Makes recommendations for the best way to display various forms of information
  • 3-5+ years of relevant work experience in Graphic Design or related field
  • Experience supporting large scale events
  • Flexibility in work hours and weekend support 
  • Expert level knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite software (especially Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • Advanced skill in presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote and/or Google Slides)
  • OS –knowledge of Windows or OSX
  • Experience with broadcast production technology is a plus
  • Must be able to demonstrate the engagement with Duarte is not sole source of income and support with invoices from at least 3 other clients providing similar professional services.
  • Must hold business insurance for at least $1M or attain business insurance within 3 months of providing work services.
  • Must showcase services externally through an existing website. 
  • LLC or other Business Classification and Business License strongly preferred.