VITA Coordinator
Job Type
Part-time, Temporary


Branches is on a mission to educate and inspire people through student, family, and financial wellness services in partnership with our communities.

We believe in meeting the needs of the next generation by addressing both the parent and the child simultaneously in our 2-Gen approach that supports a family’s wellbeing, ensuring that each family member is supported in reaching their full potential. Our holistic approach builds long term, ongoing relationships with local communities to leverage and promote collective impact for the families we serve.


The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program is a national initiative to offer accurate, secure, and free tax help, to lower income households. Branches leads the Miami-Dade VITA Coalition. This position will be responsible for virtual tax preparation, helping to recruit volunteers, coordinating marketing efforts via email, and managing the daily operations of the site they are assigned. VITA Coordinators are also responsible for meeting certain reporting requirements throughout the tax season. All required materials and forms are provided digitally.


  • Follow the VITA Volunteer Standards of Conduct provided by the IRS and Branches.
  • Prepare tax returns both virtually and through scanned documents for taxpayers at Branches’ VITA sites.
  • Provide peer support with intake, interview and quality review process.
  • Utilize virtual document platform and tax preparation software to prepare and review returns.
  • Provide high level customer support to all participants and seek resolution with those who report grievances with the service for any reason.
  • Participate in program conference calls and communications to stay abreast of developments throughout the tax season.
  • May oversee volunteers and ensure they are following all VITA operating procedures provided.
  • Participate in weekly social media efforts on behalf of your team to raise awareness of the VITA program.
  • VITA Coordinators are to be available at all times designated working hours even remotely.
  • VITA Coordinator will provide basic technical/software support to volunteers if needed.
  • May require in-person time at the Branches VITA sites where documents will be collected, some locations may have volunteers who will need assistance.
  • All Coordinators must pass the applicable course test in order to perform these duties.

Branches’ WayGrow Deeper, Climb Higher

Worth— We believe each person has sacred value, is created in the image of God and has inherent self-worth. People matter and therefore are our priority.

Wonder— We dream and then co-create the future with students and families which means we do not wait for the future to just happen.

Welcome— At Branches all people are welcomed, received and valued in contrast to the rejection and exclusion that people all too often experience in the world.

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Site Coordinators’ work is typically done at a desk or cubicle at our Branches Lakeview (North Miami) or Florida City location. However, considering the current pandemic, coordinators may be permitted to administer tax preparation and coordination virtually. Hours may vary and change during the tax season.


We follow Federal Law requirements to provide reasonable accommodation to applicants, candidates, and employees who qualify. Please tell us if you require reasonable accommodation to perform any of the job functions of this position.


Education and Experience

  • All the coordinators are required to be IRS certified to prepare taxes. (Basic tax return classes and certifications will be available in December and January at no cost to preparers)
  • All the coordinators are required to participate in a training to provide quality review to every return prepared.
  • Certification in Advanced, Military, or International is a plus.
  • VITA Coordinators must be able to communicate in a clear and professional manner at all times. High School Diploma or equivalent is required, College Degree or higher preferred.
  • Experience in Accounting, Taxes, or Finance is a plus, but not required.
  • All VITA Coordinators are given comprehensive programmatic training. All forms and reporting tools will be provided
  • Fluency in English is required - all IRS training material and Certifications are in English only.
  • Taxpayers and volunteers speak many languages including English, Spanish, Creole, Chinese, Portuguese, and French. Any language ability is welcome but not required.
Salary Description
$16 per hour