ATGPAC Senior BMD Trainer and Exercise Coordinator
San Diego, CA Position Upon Contract Award
Job Type

Commander, Naval Surface Forces Pacific N7 Department and Afloat Training Group Pacific are responsible for the training and certification of all ships in the Pacific Fleet. ATGPAC is the Immediate Superior In Command (ISIC) for the following commands: Afloat Training Group San Diego (ATG SD) and Engineering Assessments Pacific (EAP) (located in San Diego, CA); Afloat Training Group Middle Pacific (ATG MIDPAC)(located in Pearl Harbor, HI); Afloat Training Group Western Pacific (ATG WESTPAC)(located in Yokosuka, Japan); Afloat Training Group Western Pacific Detachment Sasebo (ATG WESTPAC DET SASEBO)(located in Sasebo, Japan); and Afloat Training Group Pacific Northwest (ATG PACNW)(located in Everett, WA). Training standards and requirements are continually evolving and expanding, requiring increased manpower and flexibility. There is a substantial requirement Prevailance support to improve reliability and productivity of Commander, Naval Surface Force Pacific and Afloat Training Group Pacific in San Diego to include training standards development and analysis, monitoring, analyzing and tracking ships in training, departmental executive support, scheduling and conflict management, quality assurance, data analysis, Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) training requirements generation and certification, program management, mission area certification and information technology.  Our team will provide draft/recommendations for improving CNSP/ATGPAC training standards. We will also provide program quality control, data analysis, systems administration, and perform actual training. Contractor will identify goals and objectives focusing on best business practices and technical expertise necessary to have a trained, ready fleet for immediate deployment.


Must have 20 years Surface Navy experience including technical management as a Naval Officer supervising training, or systems configuration, operation, testing, maintenance, and repair.

Experience in the following:

  • 5 years tactical Warfare planning, implementation, and execution of real-world or simulated warfare tactics
  • 5 years Higher Head Quarters level interactions with a strike group or unit (for example experienced in conducting all source collection planning/management, intelligence analysis/fusion at a Theater Maritime Operations Center (MOC), Joint Intelligence Operations Center (JIOC) or National Intelligence Agency)
  • 2 years’ as a Tactical Warfare SME conducting planning, implementation and execution of real-world or simulated warfare tactics and employment of units (For example: Deputy Warfare Commander, Task Group/Squadron Commander, Deputy Warfare Commander, CSG/ESG Warfare Commander Senior Staff
  • BMD Watch Officer/Tactical Action Officer qualification conducting BMD operations or equivalent joint/agency BMD operations
  • Ballistic missile threats (North Korea, Iran, Syria, China, Russia and India) and developing missiles order of battle for countries of interest Experience with Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) concepts and development of comprehensive intelligence scenario products for BMD training
  • 5 years conducting shipboard BMD watch-team training or recent in-depth experience conducting BMD exercises, training, or operations
  • Briefing with an in-depth comprehension of development of briefs for senior flag level audience
  • 5 years with the Training and evaluating Surface Fleet personnel in BMD operations Conducting workshops and controlling meetings that identify and prioritize process improvement opportunities in relation to BMD
  • Tracking and managing certification and training schedules for Naval Surface Forces (or other) military Units 
  • Planning and participating in major Navy/Joint Fleet Synthetic Exercises
  • Planning, setup, and execution of Multi-Tactical Digital Information Link (TADIL) operations to support BMD
  • The use Microsoft Office Suite

Knowledge of:

  • BMD Tactics, Technical Systems, and Instructions, including COMNAVSURFORINST 8820.2 series requirements
  • FST architecture or equivalent DoD training simulation /architecture
  • US Navy Surface ship C5I systems and embedded training systems supporting synthetic training
  • AEGIS Combat Systems; its components and instructions
  • BMD Command and Control issues, regarding surveillance, engagement and planning functions required for each of the various numbered fleets
  • Staff and Fleet operations and planning procedures
  • The detailed data exchange requirements of the various operational areas in which naval forces deploy and how to exercise that capability to ensure ships obtain the highest degree of mission readiness


? Bachelor’s Degree

Security Clearance

? Secret