Program Representative (Good Jobs Challenge)

Position Summary

The Program Representative is the primary Philadelphia Works, Inc. contact to a specified contracted service provider and liaises all communication, scope of service expectations, and technical assistance between contractors and Philadelphia Works, Inc. The overall responsibilities include assessment, planning, and continuous improvement based on monitoring results and effective communication of providers’ operational success.

Essential Functions

1. Main point of contact in Operations & Data Unit for assigned contracted providers.

2. Responsible for programmatic contract management, ensuring all aspects of the scope of services are carried out and reviewing and approving deliverables related to invoicing within specified timeframes.

3. Conduct monitoring of sub-recipient contracts.

4. Participate in the development and periodic update and revision of programmatic monitoring tools or service delivery improvements.

5. Work to facilitate a continuous improvement plan to address delivery-related deficiencies based on compliance-related findings from monitoring.

6. Carry out duties and expectations within the Program Representative manual, guiding program requirements for assigned funding sources.

7. Respond to and create plans based on trends, comparisons, or recommendations made as a result of monitoring:

a. Develop and conduct individual and/or group training on an as-needed basis for contracted provider staff

b. Conduct regular discussion of contractual performance with provider management

c. Provide technical assistance on an ongoing basis and as needed

d. Develop, implement, and oversee a plan of correction, as needed

8. Support continuous improvement and the implementation of new projects and concepts:

a. Be the influencer of change

b. Communicate processes/procedures to providers in a consistent manner

c. Provide training to providers on new processes/procedures, as needed

d. Follow through to ensure consistent and efficient implementation

9. Provide an overall assessment and communication of the contractor’s operational success

10. Conduct site and virtual visits to the Contract sites.

11. Perform other job-related duties as assigned


Education/Professional Experience

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Human Services, Business Management, or related field with 2-3 years of monitoring or quality assurance experience. Previous Programmatic technical assistance experience is preferred. Or any combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable.

Skills & Qualifications

• Possess strong project management skills

• Ability to interpret contract scope of services

• Possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills

• Excellent written, verbal, interpersonal, and presentation skills

• Proficient in Word and Excel and working knowledge of Access and PowerPoint

• Ability to interact effectively with various levels of staff, management, government officials, and the public

• Ability to travel to various locations throughout the city

• Must be relationship savvy, adaptable, collaborator, and influencer

• Possess public speaking/training skills

• Ability to multi-task a diverse set of responsibilities

• Ability to adapt to change and manage competing demands

• Ability to work independently with a strong sense of time management to meet deadlines

Salary Description