Manager of Training and Upskilling

Position Summary

This position is responsible for managing the occupational skills training contracts for PA CareerLink® Philadelphia customers, coordination of adult education and upskilling services within the PA CareerLink® system and overseeing the implementation and management of the organization’s Learning Management System (LMS). This position will be responsible for managing the procurement and contracting processes for training and learning management system providers and monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of programs. Additional responsibilities will include convening training providers on regular basis and providing leadership and supervision to the Training Initiatives team.

Essential Functions

1. Manage the organization’s Vocational Skills Training (VST) and upskilling strategies, including making recommendations related to investments around contracted occupational training, adult education, training readiness, and other upskilling workshops and trainings for Philadelphia career seekers.

2. Oversee the full process and operations associated with training providers for Vocational Skills Training, the Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL), Individual Training Accounts (ITAs), and other skills trainings to ensure compliance with TANF and WIOA funding requirements.

3. Lead, in collaboration with Director, Training and Apprenticeship, on strategic implementation and maintenance of the LMS in alignment with organizational priorities, including system, people, and course and content management.

a. Work in collaboration with LMS team to adapt current live workshops to incorporate e-learning elements.

b. Build close relationships with IT and other external teams to ensure the technical side of the LMS is fit for purpose and up to date.

c. Work with Philadelphia Works and vendors’ partner staff to ensure the LMS is aligned with current priorities and reflects their learning and development needs.

4. Maintain a strong working knowledge of WIOA and TANF policies and regulations related to training and training providers to ensure training programs are monitored and in compliance.

5. Manage, train, and support Training Initiative Program Representative(s) and LMS Administrator.

6. Manage training provider performance to evaluate outcomes as well as compliance based on contract terms and conditions to ensure that providers are providing clients with the necessary services.

7. Maintain up-to-date information including policies, standard operating procedures, dashboards, budget tracking, outcomes tracking, and other tools to ensure program quality, integrity, and compliance.

8. Work closely with Procurement Assistant and Contracts team on the procurement and contracting process for training program providers.

9. Work in collaboration with Research and Data on the development and maintenance of a tracking system that monitors status and outcomes; collect and analyze key training provider including outcomes and budget information quarterly and prepare reports for leadership teams regarding provider performance.

10. Build rapport and maintain relationships with training providers, key stakeholders, PA CareerLink®, and internal PhilaWorks staff for streamlined partnership.

11. Collaborate with Research and Data unit regarding data and information needs as on a regular basis.

12. Perform other duties as assigned.


Education/Professional Experience

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Human Services, Business Management, or related field and at least 5 years of management and program/project management experience. Or any combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable.

Skills & Qualifications

• Strong written, verbal, interpersonal, and presentation skills

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff, management, government officials, and the public

• Strong organizational, critical thinking, analytical, and prioritizing skills

• Knowledge of training provider partnership, contracting, and funding sources compliance

• Excellent management and leadership skills

• Ability to train, motivate and build a cohesive team

• Ability to comprehend system-wide strategy/vision and communicate ideas clearly to leadership and stakeholders

• Strong collaboration and problem-solving skills; ability to work across multiple teams to find solutions

• Ability to assess the strengths of others and maximize them to accomplish goals and work objectives

• Intermediate proficiency using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

• Experience with budgets, program monitoring, and data collection, analysis, and reporting

• Familiarity with administering Learning Management System technologies

• Background in Instructional Design, adult learning best practices, and blended learning best practices

• Ability to travel to various locations throughout the city

Salary Description