Resident Assessment Coordinator/MDS

 Job Summary

Responsible for setting, monitoring, and adjusting the case management plan for each patient.  Oversee and facilitate the completion of resident assessments.  Ensures compliance with MDS Regulations.  Adequately captures all services provided and maximizes revenue. 


  • Gather information on patients for assessments, physical & mental status 
  • Assess charts and communicate with healthcare team to create plan of care 
  • Work with all disciplines to ensure that patients receive care required 
  • Manage MDS schedule to ensure all services are captured 
  • Update and instruct staff on any MDS changes 
  • Update and initiate care plans 
  • Complete assessments, conduct interviews, and create care plans based upon the assessments. 
  • Highly detailed and oriented to ensure accuracy 
  • Communicate effectively and clearly to staff 
  • Complete electronic submissions to ensure compliance 
  • Participate in quality Assurance activities 
  • Attend and participate in Interdisciplinary Care Planning Meetings 
  • Reviews admissions to ensure correct diagnosis codes and that the MDS will capture most appropriate 
  • Rounds on the unit to identify possible change in condition that could potentially affect the MDS 


Education and Experience: 

  • Must have a current and valid license as a Registered Nurse issued by the state of Ohio 
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in skilled care and MDS position or equivalent thereof 
  • Knowledge of Medicare, third party insurance, and Medicaid  

 Required Skills/Abilities: 

  • Excellent analytical and writing skills 
  • Strong computer skills to include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and database products 
  • Must be highly motivated and willing to assume additional jobs and duties as needed 
  • Must be able to handle stress of working efficiently with frequent interruptions and distractions 
  • Hours must be flexible to accommodate for needs during surveys and unscheduled events 
  • Must be able to prioritize tasks and adhere to strict deadlines 
  • Recognizes and responds to priorities, accepts changes and new ideas.? Has insight into problems and the ability to develop workable alternatives 
  • Accepts constructive criticism in a positive manner 
  • Adheres to attendance and punctuality requirements per hospital policy.? Provides proper notification for absences and tardiness. Takes corrective action to prevent recurring absences or tardiness 
  • Understand, respects and displays sensitivity to culture, age and persons with disabilities 
  • Participates actively and positively affects the outcomes of customer service activities 
  • ?Developing peer relationships that enable the work group to accomplish the daily workload within the allotted time frame and achieve departmental goals 
  • Timely notification to Department Manager/Director of potential problems or concerns.? When faced with a problem or concern, is proactive by presenting suggested solutions at the time that the Department Manager/Director is made aware of the problem or concern 
  • ?Displaying teamwork ability to promote cooperation and collaboration; gaining support for programs and goals 
  • ?Supports Patient Rights 
  • Treating internal and external customers as the most important part of the job 
  • ?Being sensitive to customer’s emotions, thoughts and feelings 
  • ?Refraining from negative comments of any kind where the public or other customers can hear 
  • Interacts with coworkers, other hospital staff, physicians, and the public in a courteous, professional and efficient manner 
  • Establishes good rapport and working relationships with coworkers, other hospital staff, physicians and the public 
  • Observes dress code policy and wears hospital identification as required by our policies and procedures 
  • Understands and abides by all departmental policies and procedures as well as the Codes of Ethics, HIPAA requirements and patient rights 
  • Complies with federal, state, local laws that govern business practices. Complies with all Department of Health Services requirements for the State, and CMS standards that apply to the position 
  • Is knowledgeable and adheres CMS standards specific to the position 
  • Conducts business in an ethical and trustworthy manner at all times when dealing with patients, visitors, physicians, and fellow employees 
  • Attends scheduled in-service and mandatory in-service.? Communicates ideas to supervisor for a safer layout of equipment, tools, and/or processes. 
  • Follows standard precautions and transmission based precautions as shown by consistent use of appropriate personal protective equipment 
  • Complies with all hospital safety and injury prevention policies and regulations 
  • Understands the Continuous Quality Improvement Process and applies it in performing everyday tasks/duties.?? Active participant in Continuous Quality Improvement program by assisting in finding new and better ways of performing duties and responsibilities 

Physical Requirements: 

  • Sitting 3-6 hours a day 
  • Wrist deviation (side-to-side and up and down) 3-6 hours a day 
  • Occasionally lift up to 50 pounds 
  • Occasionally have the potential to be exposed to hazardous chemicals or infections