POS Clerk
Job Type


Weavers Way Co-op

Job Description

Position: POS Clerk 

Reports to: Retail Director & IT Director

Status: Variable Level: II

Purpose: To maintain an accurate database of products; to work with department or store managers on pricing updates and monthly promotions, and to provide strong customer service to both internal (co-op staff) and external customers. This position will involve traveling to multiple store locations including Mt. Airy, Ambler, Chestnut Hill and Germantown. 



Maintain POS data for all products at all sites.

i. Enter vendor numbers, product order numbers, UPC, PLU, size, and other appropriate fields (food stamps, taxes, discounts, category/department information, and subcategories). 

ii. Ensure accuracy of data for new and existing items. 

iii. Maintain data input form.

iv. Import/export data into the POS database.

b. Maintain costing and pricing data as directed.

i. Maintain proper cost and pricing data.

ii. Import cost files from vendors.

iii. Manually enter costs from price lists or invoices.

iv. Understand and use invoices, reports, information from department managers and purchasing manager, and audits to assist in maintaining accurate item files and a clean database.

c. Support store personnel in adjusting, maintaining, and printing price tags, sale signs, price labels, and shelf tag labels for all sites.


a. Participate in pre-inventory processes including store-run counts, printing inventory sheets, and generating item reports

b. During inventory, perform price checks, data entry, and other tasks as needed.

c. During inventory, perform re-count audits to confirm accuracy of enumerators counts.

d. Gather data from quarterly inventories for submission to accounting. 


a. Enter and test promotions as needed, including CAP, monthly Member Specials, and Manager’s Specials.

b. Ensure all promotions have correct start and end dates. 

c. Perform price tests of information via the POS database and by scanning items at the registers as needed. 

d. Extend sale dates for promotions where requested.


a. Provide internal and external customers with excellent service at all times.

b. Use appropriate language, behavior, appearance and overall conduct with or in the presence of customers, vendors, and store personnel according to WW policies.

c. Participate in answering telephone calls. 

d. Assist with database management, pricing, register programming, sign making, and promotion/item set up for special events. 

e. Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor. 



  • Previous data entry experience
  • General computer skills, including working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel.
  • Excellent typing skills with emphasis on accuracy
  • Ability to analyze problems and suggest solutions
  • Ability to follow instructions, both written and verbal
  • Job will involve sitting, standing, squatting, bending, walking, and reaching. 
  • Must have reliable transportation
Salary Description
Starting at $16.00