We are Herrmann.

We are looking for people who share our vision and culture. Let us shape the future together! Because our employees are our greatest asset.

We offer a state of the art apprenticeship, as part of the ICATT Apprenticeship Program, which ensures that you gain practical skills as well as academic knowledge so you are prepared to start your career in manufacturing. Besides being paid during your training at our facilities in Bartlett, we also cover the costs for you to attend Elgin Community College. Upon completion of the program you will have an Associate Degree as well as national and international credentials.

We also offer a 2-year employment guarantee for apprentices who successfully complete the program.

What will you learn during your apprenticeships?

Technology topics

· Program and operate numerically controlled machine tools

· Use precision machining tools to produce components

· Analyze and prepare drawings

· Identify technological and geometric data and apply according to company specifics

· Understand properties of different materials and how they affect production processes

· Plan and organize computer-aided production

· Plan, monitor and improve production processes in series manufacturing

Methodology topics

· Work systematically (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

· Analyze problems for effective troubleshooting

· Understand the importance of correct documentation

· Work safely, understand appropriate precautions and use PPE correctly

· Estimate manufacturing costs based on machine cost, material costs and labor costs

· Communicate effectively

· Apprentices must be accepted into the applicable college program, via a college placement exam.

Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of ultrasonic welding! Herrmann Ultrasonics develops and builds machines that join plastics, packaging materials, nonwovens and metals with ultrasonic vibrations. This technology is suitable in many industries, such as medical, electronics, food and automotive. With nearly 700 global employees, based in 4 Headquarters and 22 Tech Centers, we are represented in 20 countries worldwide.


How to apply:

Apply through our partner, the ICATT Apprenticeship Program at

and mention your interest in Herrmann Ultrasonics.

You will need to complete an application, send your resume, and take a college placement test.

The ICATT team is also available to answer questions on the apprenticeship structure.