Southwest Job Coach Level 1

Job Purpose

The SVH Job Coach works collaboratively with the Director of Adult Services to help adults with disabilities secure jobs and maintain employment. The Job Coach helps clients learn and perform their work duties, while accommodating their needs in the workplace. The Southwest Job Coach will help job seekers develop both specific job tasks and interpersonal skills that are necessary in the workplace. Job Coaches work to develop strong partnerships and relationships with employers in our community in order to facilitate work experiences for our clients.


Duties and Responsibilities

• Reports any concerns directly to the director;

• Provides employment opportunities to job seekers;

• Develops preemployment readiness skills with the consumer/job seeker, including resume building, interview assistance, and any other soft skills needed;

• Completes situational assessments as directed;

• Coordinates schedules and transportation for the consumers served;

• Works with consumers throughout the day on communication skills, social skills, behavioral skills, job related skills, and other individually designed activities such as self-help skills, needed in employment situations, or to become job ready;

• Targets consumer-specific goals;

• Collects data on consumer goals;

• Develops relationships with employers in the area;

• Records beginning and completion dates of activities on program sheets; 

• Participates in regular trainings;

• Demonstrates knowledge of consumer-specific conditions;

• Participates in team meetings on a regular basis;

• Ensures all work areas are left clean and organized;

• Works with Employment Program Coordinator and Work Incentives Specialist Advocate (WISA) on benefit coordination;

• Communicates effectively with consumers/job seekers, authorized representatives, guardians, employers, and supervisors; 

• Writes detailed progress notes and documentation reports as required and submits reports, request for hours and plans on time;

• Perform other duties as assigned.


Position Type 

This is a full-time position.  Local travel is required.


• Demonstrates professionalism at all times, including adherence to the standards of professional conduct;

• Is dependable, energetic, and relates well to consumers;

• Demonstrates ability to prioritize and carry out work-related tasks appropriately;

• Demonstrate ability to understand and carry out a systematic instructional sequence;

• Low rate of absenteeism and prompt attendance to work;

• Ability to communicate appropriately;

• Willing to learn consumer specific disability traits and how to best work with them;

• Demonstrate organizational, interpersonal and multitasking skills.

Direct Reports

This job does not have any direct reports.

Physical Requirements

The ability to move independently throughout a wide range of environments, some of which may not be wheelchair or otherwise handicapped accessible, is required.  Independent transportation to locations that may not be served by public transportation may be necessary.