Speech Language Pathologist

Job Summary:

The speech language pathologist is a qualified professional person who directs, supervises, evaluates and provides Speech Language and/or Feeding Therapy services to patients in the clinic as prescribed by the attending physician.


  1. Participate in the development and periodic revision of the plan of care.
  2. Schedule, plan activities and provide rehabilitative services for persons with speech, language and/or feeding disorders
  3. Record type of treatment and patient’s reaction to it on clinical/progress notes, which are written on the day of the visit and incorporated in the patient’s medical record.
  4. Maintain adequate records in a timely fashion on all patient’s, including summary reports
  5. Utilize community resources and Agency personnel for proper referral
  6. Select and administer appropriate diagnostic evaluations and conduct sound therapy utilizing proven techniques and materials
  7. Instruct and counsel other health team personnel and family members in methods of assisting patient in improving, correcting, and accepting his/her disabilities
  8. Supervise up to 4 SLP-Assistants as outlined by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
  9. Attend patient case conferences as requested
  10. Participate in staff development activities and in-service education as requested and as required by licensing entity
  11. Confirm, on a weekly basis, the scheduling of visits with the Clinic Patient Care Coordinator
  12. Notify Clinic of absences due to illness, emergency leave, normal vacation periods, or special professional meetings, which will all affect agreed services with the Clinic.
  13. Participate with staff, patient, and physician in discharge planning activities and completes the speech therapy discharge summary within the designated framework of the Agency policies.
  14. Perform other duties, as requested by the Director, related to the provision of effective, applicable and quality treatment of clinic patients


  •  Certified member of the American Speech and Hearing Association
  •  At least a Master’s level degree
  •  One (1) full year of supervised work experience preferred
  •  Licensure or certification by the State of Texas as a Speech Language Pathologist

Organizational Relationship:

The Speech Language Pathologist reports directly to the Director of Rehabilitation 

Special Requirements:

  •  Valid state driver’s license
  •  Valid license to provide treatment in the State of Texas

Functional Abilities:

  •  Read 12 point or larger type
  •  Hear and speak in a manner understood by most people
  •  Stoop and bend; must be able to lift and transfer patients