Project Engineer - Civil


1. Consults with clients to determine project requirements, gathers and prepares information regarding design, specifications, materials, equipment, estimated costs, and time to achieve project completion.

2. Prepares scope and fee proposals for review by senior management.

3. Directs, schedules, coordinates and reviews the work of assigned project staff and private consultants.

4. Conducts analysis, technical investigation and research on civil planning related issues.

5. Plans layout of project, considering site conditions and possible environmental impacts.

6. Conducts visual site surveys to analyze characteristics of a site, using knowledge of applicable principles and civil codes or regulations.

7. Prepares preliminary and final subdivision and land development plans and details.

8. Completes and submits NPDES and E&S permit applications for subdivision and land development plans, and ESCGP-2 permit applications for energy related projects.

9. Creates layout, grading, profiles and storm water management plans and reports.

10. Prepares construction documentation including design specifications, bidding documents and construction contracts.

11. Coordinates with other departments as their work relates to projects within the Civil Engineering group.

12. Develops highway occupancy permits.

13. Supervises staff in the daily plan production process.

14. Mentors junior design staff.

15. Meets with municipalities, citizen groups, technical committees, and public agencies to explain and describe project plans, generate support and develop project participation by sharing project goals and purposes through the use of charts, graphs and drawings.

16. Administers construction contracts and conducts periodic onsite observation of work in progress to ensure contract compliance; develops cost estimates and project schedules; and monitors project budgets to achieve successful project completion.