Survey Crew Chief


1. Provides guidance and support to survey instrument operators in the completion of their daily assignments; demonstrates familiarity with the essential duties of survey instrument operators and survey crew members by mentoring these staff members in their professional development.

2. Maintains all assigned equipment in a clean and operable manner; performs equipment calibration checks and provides the accurate documentation to their supervisor, as directed by company policy and procedure; immediately reports concerns and/or problems with assigned equipment to supervisor.

3. Uploads and/or downloads conventional and GPS survey data to a laptop as directed by survey supervisory staff.

4. Uses a calculator to perform simple computations.

5. Operates instruments and measuring devices needed to complete different types of survey work assignments. These devices may include electronic data collector, RTK GPS devices, total stations, automatic levels, etc.; stays current with available equipment technology.

6. Holds level, prism, or stadia rod at designated points to assist in determining location and/or elevations of survey points for map making, construction stakeout, mining, and other surveys.

7. Uses a sledgehammer to hammer stakes, rebar, nails, and other survey markers into the ground at designated points and at specified elevations.

8. Marks survey stakes and survey points with elevation, station number, or other identifying marks with the use of a magic marker, keel, spray paint, scratches, tacks, and other marking devices.

9. Measures distance between survey points with cloth tape, and other survey equipment.

10. Uses metal detector and shovel to recover property monumentation and survey control.

11. Cuts and clears brush and trees from line of survey with a machete, brush axe or similar device.

12. Performs courthouse research as required.

13. Drives and maintains assigned work vehicle, which includes checking and maintaining proper fluid levels, logging, and reporting mileage and requesting regular maintenance & service at designated mileage intervals.

14. Makes his or herself available for long distance travel requiring overnight stays.