LYH Behavior Technician


Job Purpose

The Level 1 and 2 LYH Behavior Technician works with students who need a high level of support to achieve academic, behavior and social goals, to allow them the provisions they need to become as successful and independent as possible.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Provide teaching trials, lesson plans, tasks, teaching procedures, etc., record data on student responses, and reinforce correct work according to the established program, as directed by the LBA;

· Work with students throughout the day on communication skills, social skills, behavioral skills, sensory issues and other individually designed activities such as self-help skills, as directed by the LBA;

· Record beginning and completion dates of activities on program sheets;

· Develop program materials;

· Participate in team meetings on a regular basis;

· Maintains student program data on a daily basis, as directed by the LBA;

· Report any concerns directly to the LYH Behavior Technicians Level 4 then to Behavior Analysts as necessary;

· Make sure all rooms are cleaned, trash is empty, doors shut and lights off daily at the end of the day;

· Write progress notes.



Position Type

This is a full-time position. This position involves working with students who exhibit challenging and/or aggressive behavior and participation in community outings. 


· Always demonstrates professionalism, including adherence to the standards of professional conduct.

· Is dependable, energetic, and relates well to children.

· Demonstrates ability to prioritizes and carry out work-related tasks appropriately.

· Demonstrate an ability to understand and carry out a systematic instructional sequence.

· Low rate of absenteeism and prompt attendance to work.

· Ability to communicate appropriately.

· Demonstrate organizational, interpersonal, and multitasking skills; and,

Physical Requirements

The ability to move independently throughout a wide range of environments, some of which may not be wheelchair or otherwise handicapped accessible, is required. Independent transportation to locations that may not be served by public transportation may be necessary.