Senior Research Fellow
Fully Remote

FGA is hiring a Senior Research Fellow to support and shape the reform agenda of one of the nation’s leading public policy organizations. The Senior Research Fellow will be responsible for regularly producing major research products that fully embrace FGA’s values and policy agenda, with an emphasis on long-form content. The ideal candidate will already have a robust knowledge of FGA’s policy solutions and can bring his or her own ideas to expand the research section of our website. 

The position is a mid- to senior-level role (depending on experience) that requires in-depth research and strong communications skills, both written and in person. Occasional legislative testimony, media interviews or press comments, and in-person policy briefings may be assigned as needed. For the right candidate, this is an opportunity to use his or her talents to make a direct and lasting impact on the future of our country. This is a fully remote position, and occasional travel will be required.


The people who consistently succeed at FGA are those whose actions and behavior reflect our five Core Values. If you adhere to these values and answer “yes” to each of the following questions, you may be a fit.

1. Candid to Solve: Being willing to have tough conversations in order to solve issues and build trust.

  • Do you seek out constructive feedback—and provide it to others—to solve issues and build trust with coworkers? 

2. Grow or Die: We don’t have a neutral gear; we must consistently challenge ourselves and each other to grow in our talents and skills.

  • Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and do you seek out complementary skills and growth in order to mitigate your weaknesses? 

3. Politically Savvy: Policy doesn’t change in a vacuum, but in a political reality that we must understand and account for.

  • Do you agree that embracing the realities of politics is necessary to change public policy? 

4. Partnership-Oriented: Internal and external relationships are not transactional. That starts with our team members and the perspective that we need the rest of the team to succeed in order to win personally.

  • Are you comfortable creating your own structure for work, such as setting work hours, your own priorities, and creating clarity and a workplan from a broad goal? Do you tend to be the one who initiates conversations with colleagues, rather than waiting for them to come to you?

5. Bought in to Win: We’re at FGA because we want to change policy. No one is counting hours or widgets, we are here to get results, and sometimes that will require going the extra mile or doing a job that isn’t technically ours.

  • Do you wholeheartedly agree with the policies that we advocate and the underlying principles that people’s lives are made better through work, not government welfare, and that a free market creates greater freedom and equality than any command-and-control government system?

The vast majority of those who don’t get hired (or don’t last) at FGA are due to a lack of fit with these values. Be prepared to have very candid conversations about them in our interview process.


The Senior Research Fellow will have four primary roles. They are:


  • Produce high-quality, in-depth research papers (and other products) regularly
  • Produce other written communication as needed, e.g., one-pagers, op-eds, fact sheets for an audience of policymakers, legislators, and the general public
  • Accept and incorporate feedback from others at FGA on policy solutions and written material
  • Adhere to FGA’s unique voice and reputation for accuracy and expertise

Agenda Development 

  • Work collaboratively to create and promote FGA’s policy agenda at the national and state level
  • Collect and vet new policy solutions for FGA’s internal research and development process


  • Communicate your research in occasional media interviews or press comments, as needed

Government Affairs Support

  • Provide occasional written or in-person legislative testimony or legislator/caucus briefings, as needed


  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in public policy
  • Substantial work experience may be considered a substitute for a bachelor’s degree
  • Policy knowledge and expertise in specific issue areas
  • Match FGA’s Core Values (described above)


FGA is seeking to fill this position with the right candidate as soon as possible. FGA’s headquarters are in Naples, FL, but nearly all of FGA’s staff work remotely. FGA has built a highly successful remote work culture over the past decade with systems and structures designed for clarity, flexibility, and great communication. Key elements of the environment include:

  • Quarterly in-person team meetings at which you’ll build deeper relationships, set clear goals aligned with FGA’s big vision, and brainstorm how to seize new opportunities
  • An intensive 90-day orientation to familiarize you with the FGA team, our policies, and how we operate
  • Home office setup, including equipment and communication tools you need to hit the ground running

FGA offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including a six percent retirement match, health benefit, and generous paid leave plan.