Lead CT Technologist

Coordinates and supervises CT Scan procedures and Diagnostic Radiographic in accordance to approved department protocols. Functions as the first line interface with customers and is successful in the accomplishment of their imaging needs. Assists in Maintaining Performance Improvement Program. Maintains department supplies. Promotes teamwork and good customer service. Assists in annual CT competencies and evaluations and staff discipline. Does scheduling for CT department and maintains supplies and equipment. Required to participate in after-hours uncontrolled standby and call back. Position may require the use of a pager.


  • Knowledge of positioning patients and setting technical factors for CT and diagnostic procedures. Must be adept at 3D post processing routines and protocols.
  • Knowledge of department exam protocols and AAPM approved patient dose ranges.
  • Knowledge of JCAHO, ACR, State and Federal regulations. Works in tandem with the physicist when exam protocols must be adjusted in keeping with dose and image noise. Consults radiologist regarding image quality when new protocols are being designed.
  • Knowledge of medical and surgical aseptic procedures.
  • Understands and participates in PI process.
  • Knowledge of hospital policies on reducing risk of wrong-site, wrong patient, and wrong procedure occurrences.
  • Understands Emergency Codes, how to call a code and their response to them.
  • Aware of location and usage of MSDS Manual, EOC Manual, Infection Control Manual.

  • Must have current state license
  • Must hold an additional registry/certification in CT.
  • Must be willing to support Technologists who want to take the CT exam by certifying their required exams
  • Participates during Radiation Safety Committee meetings and Physicist’s evaluations with regard to Protocols and Patient dose indices.
  • Must be familiar with State and Federal regulations
  • Current BCLS certificate
  • Supervision experience preferred

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Positions patients and sets technical factors for all diagnostic procedures. May be required to rotate into Xray on occasion.
  • Follows department exam protocols.
  • Verifies prior imaging in an attempt to avoid unnecessary duplication of exams and irradiation of the patient. Completes all ordered exams as per department protocol- documents why exam is not completed per protocol.
  • Appropriately charges all exams performed including incidentals.
  • Ensures all exams are accurately labeled with patient ID, date, technologist ID and time of exam
  • Covers patients during transportation and while performing procedures.
  • Ensures compliance with JCAHO, ACR, State and Federal regulations.
  • Participates in medical and surgical aseptic procedures. Follows all recommendations for maintaining the sterile field, labeling items on the sterile tray and participating in the Time Out Process prior to commencing with an invasive procedure. Also assures that consent for procedure is obtained by the performing radiologist.
  • Able to assess pain interfering with imaging procedure- makes appropriate physician contact for intervention.
  • Has understanding and participates in PI process.
  • All QC is done at required intervals and appropriately logged- Service calls are placed if QC is out of controls. Arranges Equipment Preventative Maintenance according to the agreed upon frequency.
  • Consistently maintains neat & clean workplace appropriate to hospital standards.
  • Work pace is consistent with the department standards.
  • Employs ASIR technical factors accurately to minimize patient dose. Assures that Pediatric protocols are available and used on non-adult patients.
  • Utilizes Radiations Safety Techniques while performing radiographic procedures and properly shields patients when appropriate.
  • Follows all radiation safety standards for patients, employees and family members. Wears radiation badge as per protocol.
  • Uses personal protective equipment appropriately and regularly.
  • Informs and educates patients and families regarding procedure to be performed.
  • Ascertains patient understanding of process and informed consent. Ensures assessment for contrast administration is signed prior to examination.
  • Checks patients’ identification before exams by at least two methods.
  • Reduces risk of health care acquired infections through proper hand washing and equipment disinfecting.
  • Follows hospital policies to reduce risk of wrong-site, wrong patient, and wrong procedure occurrences.
  • Documents all medication reactions/infiltrations on appropriately.
  • Works to improve effectiveness of communication among caregivers.

a. Communicates and documents patient's condition/history for Radiologist

b. Sends all applicable results of prior examinations.

c. Calls all abnormal results that are given verbally read back to ensure accuracy.

  • Checks and logs crash cart, warmers and refrigerator on each shift or as required.
  • Demonstrates safe/careful use of all equipment.
  • Reports all equipment malfunctions and call for service immediately using department protocol.
  • Supervises other employees in the department as assigned by the department manager.
  • Plans and assigns work to employees in an efficient manner based on department guidelines.
  1. Completes monthly department schedules and call schedules as requested by the department manager.
  2. Schedules are done timely and posted in compliance with policy.
  • In collaboration with the department manager, evaluates employees and recommends action(s) to the Department Manager.
  • Deals with complaints in a professional and efficient manner and reports them to Department Manager as soon as possible.
  • Suggests and implements improved methods of performing tasks.
  • Ensures that on-call response time for supervised employees are in compliance with hospital policy. May be required to participate in Trauma meeting or compiling data for meeting.
  • Conducts job-specific orientation for new department employees as requested or needed.
  • Assists in implementing Departmental Performance Improvement Program and Organizes PI documents and produces them on demand. Instructs all employees regarding how to collect data for PI.
  • Maintains department equipment and ensures all preventative maintenance and repairs are complete. Maintains supplies at PAR levels.
  • Suggests and implements improved methods of performing tasks.
  • Monitors staffing daily, recommends action to the manager regarding daily staffing issues.
  • Collaborates with department manager to ensures that staffing hours are appropriate to the work load. Adjusts staffing to volumes.
  • Understand, respects and displays sensitivity to culture, age and persons with disabilities.
  • Participates actively and positively affects the outcomes of customer service activities.
  • Uses effective collaborative strategies as evidenced by:
  • Timely notification to Department Manager/Director of potential problems or concerns. When faced with a problem or concern, is proactive by presenting suggested solutions at the time that the Department Manager/Director is made aware of the problem or concern.
  • Displaying teamwork ability to promote cooperation and collaboration; gaining support for programs and goals.
  • Supports Patient Rights.
  • Displays honesty and respect for others, and respect for the organization as evidenced by:
  1. Treating internal and external customers as the most important part of the job.
  2. Being sensitive to customer’s emotions, thoughts and feelings.
  3. Refraining from negative comments of any kind where the public or other customers can hear.
  4. Taking appropriate actions to resolve the concern.
  • Facilitates and enhances communication as evidenced by:
  1. Effective and timely processing of customers' requests according to hospital and departmental policies.
  2. Utilizing verbal communication methods, which enable others to clearly understand what is being said.
  3. Utilizing verbal and non-verbal behaviors without being defensive, manipulative, aggressive or controlling.
  4. Using written communication that is legible, timely and at a level based on the position specific requirements.
  5. Listening attentively to ensure effective two-way communication.
  6. Expressing and accepting feedback in a professional manner.
  7. Answering the telephone with stating department, name and greeting.
  • Interacts with coworkers, other hospital staff, physicians, and the public in a courteous, professional and efficient manner.
  • Establishes good rapport and working relationships with coworkers, other hospital staff, physicians and the public
  • Observes dress code policy and wears hospital identification as required by our policies and procedures.

Physical Requirements:

  • Sitting 3-6 hours/day
  • Standing 3-6 hours/day
  • Walking 3-6 hours/day
  • Bending less than 3 hours/day
  • Pulling less than 3 hours/day
  • Pushing less than 3 hours/day
  • Lifting up to 50 pounds or greater with assistance
  • Wrist deviation (side to side and up and down) 3-6 hours/day
  • Frequent exposure to hazardous chemicals or infections