Pharmacy Technician
Tacoma, WA Pharmacy
Job Type
  •  Know   and continually review medication brand and generic names, medical   terminology, pharmaceutical calculations, and be able to type accurately at   least 35 words per minute.
  •  Rotate   through all work areas of the pharmacy weekly.
  •  Obtain,   review, update, and print (if requested) patient eligibility, insurance   information, and health information on the pharmacy patient profile daily.
  •  Issue   prescriptions refills after verifying patient and record patient signature   for such transactions daily.
  •  Process   in-person and phone requests for prescription refills, determine if requests   require approval, retrieve patient record if needed, collate and/or route   requests electronically, in writing, or by facsimile to the Medical Provider   or authorizing entity daily.
  •  Triage   in-person, written, or phone requests for drug information or health advice   to a registered pharmacist or to an appropriate entity within the health   organization daily.
  •  Retrieve   and process new or refill prescription orders electronically, by facsimile,   telephone, or brought in-person which includes but is not limited to typing,   counting and pouring, labeling, mixing, and collating in preparation for   final check by a registered pharmacist daily.
  •  Trouble   shoot prescription third party claim rejections by understanding formulary   restrictions, plan limitations, drug utilization review override codes,   relationship codes; requesting and completing prior authorization forms;   and/or communicating with plan help desk representatives and prescribing   entity daily.
  •  Inspect   pharmaceutical stock and supplies for re-ordering, outdates, or deterioration   daily.
  •  Document   on log sheets pharmaceutical stock issued to floor stock, return to   manufacturer, or items mark to be destroyed at least weekly.
  •  Compare   received pharmaceutical stock and supplies with invoices, sign, date, and   forward invoices to Technician Supervisor for review before submission to   Accounting daily.
  •  Attend   monthly Pharmacy and Technician   meeting and provide relevant feedback to workflow issues.
  • Graduation from an accredited pharmacy technician program. 
  • Two or more years’ experience as a Pharmacy Technician, with most recent 12 months working in a retail pharmacy.  
  • Proficient with 3rd party billing and dosage calculations.  
  • Ability to work in fast paced pharmacy filling from 800- 1200 prescriptions per day. 
  • Current WA State Pharmacy Technician Certification required.  
  • Experience and / or ability to work with electronic health record systems.