Summer Camp Unit Leader
Job Type


This position serves in a leadership role to their assigned unit (Ivy – female campers and counselors, Alpine – male campers and counselors). This position demonstrates maturity, organization, enthusiasm, and patience. They will assist in all daily operations and provide resources, breaks, and assistance when needed to the camp counselors, and also work closely with the Camp Coordinator and Director of Camp Experience to ensure a successful daily delivery of camp meals and activities.   

Core Duties and Responsibilities

  • In relationship to Pre-Camp Training:
    • Greet staff, interview and evaluate with Coordinator and Director.
    • Assist Camp Coordinator with Pre-Camp Training.
    • Help determine cabin assignments for staff.
    • Lead certain activities and discussions as they pertain to Pre-Camp.
  • In relationship to the staff:
    • Set up days off schedule with Coordinator.
    • Responsible for insuring coverage is in effect for unit after children are in bed.
    • Conduct weekly unit meetings with your respective Counselors.
    • Be available to discuss problem situations with staff and campers and to offer suggestions for all to act upon.
    • Motivate staff in a positive direction in regard to proper action towards campers, camp policy, program, etc.
  • Responsible for outgoing and in-coming mail and distribution of it.
  • Assist Camp Program Director in assigning campers to cabins on the first day.
  • Report directly to and attend meetings with the Camp Coordinator.
  • Set up schedule for cabin duties and check that they are done.
  • Observe Counselors as much as possible doing as many different activities as possible. Impress upon Counselors      the importance of spontaneous activities and flexibility in programming.
  • Act as a resource to your Counselors. Offer new menus, books, activities, etc.
  • Be available to discuss with Counselors both formally and informally:
    • Any problems concerning camp.
    • How they feel they are doing and how they hope to improve.
    • Encourage them to do better.
  • Plan the unit night activities with as much input from Counselors and campers as possible. 
  • Assume cabin responsibilities in case of illness or absence of Counselor.
  • Serve as supervisor to any projects or activities that respective Counselors or campers may come up with.
  • All other duties and tasks assigned to you by the Camp Coordinator.
  • Attend all meetings of Administrative Staff.
  • See to it that Camper Evaluations are done and add comments when necessary.

The role of the Unit Leader is a multi-faceted role. Each Unit Leader must handle problems, have the ability to think and make decisions quickly, understand the role of everyone in camp, and in general, be able to offer assistance to their staff at all times. They should also maintain a sense of humor, have “spirit” and a youthful zest for camp life, and above all, know and like every camper in his/her unit.



  • Previous camping experience and experience with children. 
  • At least 20 years of age.
  • Associate or bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent experience preferred by not required (ex: social work, psychology, education, criminal justice, etc.)
  • Desire to work with youth.
  • Ability to work in high-stress situations.