SNUG Outreach Worker

Under the direction of the SNUG Program Manager implements the CURE Violence model of violence prevention by reducing violence in targeted, high rate of gun violence neighborhoods. Utilizes a multi-pronged approach to prevent shootings involving youth and young adults from ages 14-25.

Syracuse SNUG works in partnership with other gun/gang violence reduction programs and other community partners, including but not limited to community-based organizations, residents, faith -based communities and individuals once engaged in violence who have transformed their lives (stakeholders).

  • Maintains a caseload of 15 – 20 high risk youth and young adults who are involved or likely to become involved in shootings.
  • Meets and works in non-traditional settings such as parks, street corners, corner stores and other places where young people gather during hours when local data indicates violence is most likely to occur.
  • Mediates and intervenes in conflicts and provides case management and other support.
  • Collaborates with neighborhood organizations and other community groups to organize neighborhood events and public education activities that promote a no-shooting message.

Education Requirements

High School Diploma or GED preferred. Exceptions will be made for individuals who meet all other previous experience requirements and are enrolled in a GED program with the intent of sitting for and passing the exam within one year from date of hire.

Previous Experience Requirements

• Must be individuals who have clearly demonstrated positive changes in their lives and turned away from crime

• Should be known to SNUG’s target population of high-risk individuals

• May be former gang members, individuals who have prior convictions related to firearms, others who have been previously incarcerated or served a sentence of probation or individuals from other high risk groups.