Bakery Manager - Production

Job Summary

Provides leadership in the Bakery by directing and managing the associates and activities of the department. Responsible for production of all baked goods in the Bakery. Ensures excellent customer service and implements merchandising initiatives to stimulate the growth of the business while meeting customer requirements and maximizing profits.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Supervises Bakery Supervisor and Bakers


  • Promotes team work, coaches, develops and trains department associates; minimizes turnover, promotes efficiency, and controls labor costs.
  • Schedules associates in accordance with labor budget and delegates work assignments effectively.
  • Ensures department has adequate staffing levels during all hours of operation.
  • Works in conjunction with Human Resources Department in the hiring, terminating and disciplining of associates.
  • Maintains accurate department records to ensure documentation of activities is available.  
  • Works with Kitchen Steward on all purchasing decisions and related activities.
  • Manages inventories and orders products to meet customer requirements, maximize gross profit and minimize shrink.  
  • In conjunction with Director of Culinary Services and Store Director, is responsible for recipe development with an emphasis on nutritional and special dietary needs. 
  • Responsible for continuously monitoring recipe costs to ensure proper retail pricing.
  • Responsible for selection, variety and location of products in retail food cases and displays.
  • Responsible for merchandising displays and all products effectively to maximize sales.
  • Ensures proper shelf tags and sign discipline occur.
  • Ensures proper labeling and ingredient discipline are maintained.
  • Notifies Assistant Store Director and/or Maintenance Associate of any equipment needing repair.
  • Maintains good relations with vendor contacts.
  • Works in conjunction with Director of Culinary Services, Senior Management, and Kitchen Steward in determining appropriate pricing of products.
  • Maintains a safe and clean environment to ensure proper sanitation, health code and OSHA regulations and requirements are met.
  • Analyzes customer and associate feedback to identify areas needing improvement and develops processes and/or procedures to address those issues along with Store Director, Director of Culinary Services. 
  • Performs duties of Bakery staff as required.
  • Performs other duties as assigned. 

Education And Experience (E = Essential D = Desired)

  • (E) High school education or equivalent
  • (D) Culinary Degree desirable
  • (E) Minimum of 5 years of experience in Bakery field
  • (E) Minimum of 7 years of supervisory experience

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • Ability to read a profit and loss statement
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, direct, organize and control
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Written & Verbal skills
  • Basic computer skills using the windows operating system including internet, printing, and email
  • Basic usage of Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook, Word, and Excel

Physical Requirements