Technical Writer
Fully Remote

A Technical Writer assimilates, prepares and conveys complex, technical information in a clear and concise manner that is understandable to a wider, non-technical audience. A Technical Writer has expertise in communicating technical material through a variety of means. A Technical Writer develops instructions for implementing internal controls and compliance related processes.

1. Catalog the name, location, and subject matter of all SOPs, polices, guidance memos, training materials, trackers, and any related supporting information contained within the ROPD document library.

2. Gather recommendations from the ROPD Quality Management Program for inclusion within SOPs, policies, and training materials.

3. Evaluate available information against ROPD’s stated goals and objectives to measure program effectiveness, identify gaps and structural inconsistencies, and identify best practices to develop recommendations and areas for program improvement.

4. Identify core competencies required for executing the oversight program activities and provide professional development recommendations that could improve employee execution of oversight activities.

5. Develop a full portfolio of new and updated oversight policy documents and SOPs along with desk aids to go with the materials.

6. Develop training and training materials for the SOPs, policies and guidance memos tailored for both new and existing employees.