Behavioral Intervention Specialist - Level 2


The Behavioral Intervention Specialist Level 2, as part of the individual’s team, identifies triages and manages individuals with behavioral health problems with the goal of maximizing their independence and quality of life. In addition, they will provide positive interactions/interventions and skills training with a person-centered approach. The Behavioral Intervention Specialist Level 2, will develop person-centered behavioral plans and behavioral health protocols for individuals to assist them in enhancing their quality of life and achieving their personal outcomes.

Status: Non-Exempt

Responsible To: Lead/Senior Behavior Intervention Specialist  

Leadership Core Competency

  • Respectful: treats everyone with courtesy and compassion recognizing individual uniqueness and needs. Displays honesty, integrity and humility. Makes difficult decisions with empathy.
  • Responsible: accepts accountability for their own actions and the actions of others. Holds others accountable. Puts the interests of the organization above their personal interests. Is personally invested in the success of the organization.
  • Builds Partnerships: values and builds a collaborative culture and spirit. Willing to learn from others. Moves others to take action. Pro-actively resolves conflict. Follows through in a timely manner. Anticipates and solves problems promptly with flexibility and creativity.
  • Commits to Service Excellence: focuses on the needs of the individuals. Constantly reassesses processes, procedures, principles, searching for improvement opportunity. Improves performance by introducing unique and leading-edge concepts. Encourages good ideas from staff. Defines and puts into action, Best Practices. Sets and achieves high standards of      performance. Challenges the status quo.
  • Develops People: Inspires and challenges others to reach their full potential. Celebrates the accomplishments of others. Effectively provides feedback to staff and colleagues. Understands and applies all agency policies.

Essential Functions:

  • Facilitate or perform a Functional Behavior Assessment on an individual that identifies the individual’s needs and is compliant with all regulations.
  • Provide training by modeling and oversight for staff designated to provide behavioral and social work services.
  • Update assessments annually to include re-evaluation of adaptive behavior skills as requested, as well as rights and abilities review.
  • Develop/monitor/evaluate individual behavior programs as needed; ensure active treatment and integration as needed while complying with regulations
  • Ensure that a behavioral plan that incorporates any limitations on a person’s rights and /or has a restrictive/intrusive intervention is approved by the human rights committee.
  • Provide ongoing service  training in areas relative to individual’s emotional stability, cognitive functioning, adaptive behaviors, as well as behavior modification, SCIP intervention, social work services, and other areas as requested/needed.
  • Participate as an active member of the service team, working with other staff/ disciplines/agencies, etc., to meet individual needs, as well as attending meetings/reviews and communicating progress/performance and providing written reports as needed. 
  • Correct deficits in behavioral and social work services areas cited by Internal Audits, Medicaid Audits, IPR Audits, etc., in a timely manner.
  • Aid and consultation to coordinate psychological, psychiatric, psycho-social services into plan of care, as needed.
  • Ensure all consents are obtained and human rights committee review is completed and filed.
  • Assist in crisis intervention as needed. 
  • Ensure consultation and documentation with regards to consent and ability issues.
  • Maintain contact with families as needed/requested.

Other Duties:

  • Liaison with PhD. Psychologist consultant.
  • Liaison for day treatment, day programs and other agencies with regards to all resident services as needed.
  • Function as chair and/or active member of committees as needed.
  • All other related duties as requested by supervisor.



  • Must have a master’s degree in behavior analysis, mental health counseling, and/or a closely      related field to clinical or community psychology approved by OPWDD and accredited by the NYS Education Department, a National Board Certification      in Behavior Analysis (BCBA). 
    • If obtained outside the USA it must meet independent verification of equivalency from approved entities used by the NYS Dept of Civil Services. Licensed Psychologist or Licensed Social Worker preferred.
  • At least two years of experience working directly with individuals with developmental disabilities, including devising, implementation and monitoring of  behavioral support plans, and/or working closely with others who provide the      implementation of behavior support plans.
  • Experience or knowledge in performing a functional assessment and/or analysis under OPWDD regulations. 
  • Background in positive supports (PROMOTE) and behavioral analytic medications preferred.
  • Knowledge of IRA behavior regulatory requirements.
  • Ability to work independently, have organizational skills, and reliability in decision making.
  • Flexibility of schedule to meet job duties/individual needs.
  • Knowledge and application of SCIP techniques, as appropriate.

Physical/Cognitive Requirements:

  • Interaction with persons served, and in the course of instruction may involve SCIP (PROMOTE) techniques.
  • Minimum 50 pound lifting and bending, reaching, pushing, and pulling.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated interest and ability to facilitate the personal outcomes of persons served, working in a team approach as appropriate.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel and electronic medical record systems.
  • Adherence to attendance and all other Agency policies.
  • Valid NYS Driver’s License acceptable to agency insurance standards, preferred. Maintain valid insurance and provide insurance card if you use your own vehicle.
  • Be comfortable dealing with sexual social issues.