Catapult System Instructor
Marion, IN Day Services

Instructional:  Primarily responsible for providing instruction and supervision of students participating in the Catapult Advanced Manufacturing Training cohorts. Responsible for developing supporting instructors through Train the Trainer sessions as needed. Responsible for assisting individuals toward achieving their individualized goals. Responsible for preparing lessons using provided curricula and preparing and gathering instructional supplies and equipment as needed. Responsible for evaluating individual progress and maintaining classroom records and documentation. 


Catapult System Instructor

A. Ability to Instruct and teach Catapult program that is centered on Advanced Manufacturing Principles.

B. Ability to understand and instruct the following principles:

a. Process repeatability and Safety- Quality-Cost impact

b. Lean Overview and 5S – Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardization, Self-discipline/Sustain

c. Standard Work

d. Job Instruction

e. Process Diagnostics

f. Building in Quality

g. Just-in-Time

h. Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

i. Standard Work Tools -Process repeatability and Safety- Quality-Cost impact

j. Kaizen Mindset - Reduction / elimination of waste

C. Prepare materials for courses taught.

D. Maintain hands on training equipment.

E. Work with Carey Services staff and Conexus staff to develop adaptations for Catapult System to improve service to individuals with disabilities.

F. Able to work days and possibly evenings.

G. Other duties as opportunities arise.

Learning Lab Instructor

A. Learn and stay current with provided Learning Lab Curricula.

B. Prepare lessons according to plan to instruct individuals in assigned Learning Lab.

C. Conduct instruction according to lesson plan utilizing provided curricula within assigned Learning Lab for assigned individuals.

D. Evaluate individual progress in understanding provided instruction and make adjustments as needed to assist individual in achieving their goals.

E. Maintain required records of individual progress and group progress.

F. Maintain assigned Learning Lab within means using provided tools and materials.

G. Participate in team and individual meetings for curricula evaluation, peer learning, and program improvement/development.

H. Complete all assigned career development and continuing education trainings (on-line and in-person).

I. Participate in Individuals quarterly/yearly meetings (progress reports, goal identification, and plan development) as needed (in person or through written/electronic communication to team).  

J. Identify and share new opportunities and curricula with team.   

K. Perform direct care as needed.

Direct Services

L. Provides assistance to individuals when appropriate, while allowing opportunities for self-independency.   Encourage individuals to use safety, cognitive, and social skills while in programming.     

M. Implementation of the individualized support plan as created by the multidisciplinary treatment team.

N. Supervises adult individuals during the entirety of the program day, ensuring safety and welfare of individuals as well as program effectiveness.

O. Supervises young adult or adult students participating in selected training programs (Pre-ETS, VR, and other community focused groups).

Case Management

P. Provide input to treatment planning process. 

Q. Notify supervisor, case coordinator, or other pertinent personnel of any issues or concerns.

Reporting and Record Keeping

R. Complete all required forms, documents, and reports in an accurate and timely manner.

a. These may include, but are not limited to the following: Progress reports, Behavior Plans and reports, Individual and /or Curriculum evaluations, Performance analytics, etc.

b. Required documentation for Catapult System and adaptation development

S. Maintain a thorough knowledge of individuals’ goals and objectives and periodically review the record for updated information.

T. Attend in-service meetings, conferences and other training as needed


U. Promote agency-wide safety and housekeeping as well as take a proactive approach to preventive maintenance and delivery of quality service.

II. Minimum Job Qualifications

1. Education and Experience:  High school diploma or GED required, Associates or Bachelors level degree in related field (Manufacturing, Logistics, and Human Services) preferred.  Experience working in a manufacturing, production, educational or service related field also preferred.  Must possess a valid driver’s license, adequate automobile insurance, and meet agency insurability requirements.

2. Knowledge:  Must be able to learn (instruction provided) basic principles of teaching. Must have good basic mathematical computation and English Language writing knowledge.  As required by specific job requirements, must know first aid/health/safety measures, or build an acceptable competence level by post-hire training.  Working knowledge of basic computer operations (i.e. typing, checking email).

MUST BE ABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE CATAPULT TRAINING. Training will be provided off campus and may require travel to attend. Training consists of up to 160 hours classroom and on-hands training.

3. Skills and Abilities:  Adaptability and Flexibility, Teamwork, Communication (written and oral), Initiative, Judgment, Planning and Organization, and Problem Solving.

4. Physical Demands:  Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. assist with lifting higher weights (team lift) and stand for up to 1 hour without break. Must be able to bend, stoop, and adjust to different environments.   Must be able to wear all required personal protective equipment such as, but not limited to:  gloves, masks, gowns, face shields, shoes, ear plugs, etc.  Must be able to follow all required safe and universal precaution practices as required.