Full-Time Manager and Head of Membership (BTS Training Systems)
Job Type


The Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the business. A primary focus is on managing and growing revenue, starting with new member acquisition and retention. You will be expected to develop a strong understanding of the financial operations so you can better support the decision making of the owners of the business. Operational execution is also a primary role, including assuring the organization is executing well on its core business of skills and drills, camps and clinics. This requires scheduling of Developers to assure you have coverage for classes. Front and center to our success is ensuring the highest level of Academy Member Experience (AME). 

As the Manager you will also be the lead sales person of the facility. This will require that you be in the facility meeting with families and explaining the values and benefits of the programs. The sales role is a very important role in our organization as you are responsible for supporting and maintaining the company’s relationships with its current and future customers. There may be times outside of your regular time frames where you could be needed. You must exhibit a strong passion for family, appreciating the important role youth sports plays in the growth of a young person, recognizing the importance of this journey to the parents of our young athletics; as well as understanding the importance of strong customer service and organizational skills. 

You will be responsible not only for general operations and the sales and the floor experience, but also assuring they and the rest of your staff are properly trained. The training of your personnel is a critical element of determining your success and is a top priority of ownership of the Company and therefore of yours. There are substantial training tools available to you in the BTS Portal as well as through our senior executive staff and you are expected to use both on a regular basis to assure optimal training of both yourself and your staff.

You are expected at all times to be working closely with the Four Seasons Health Club local team as well as sales outreach such as doing a substantial number of school talks; attending community events and working to generate and acquire new members in the programs. Educate ALL employees on the details and strategy behind the curriculum, including weekly communication of the activities for that week so ALL employees can consistently impart knowledge and energy to members and prospects about what is happening on the training floor. Enthusiastically support development and selling of Skills programs, small group training, clinics, camps, and private one-on-one sessions.

Developing and executing all aspects of Skills programs, Camps and Clinics, Small Group, One on One Training, Planning, scheduling, and staffing all Programs, including Camps and Clinics. Communicating the requirements of successful events to the BTS marketing team and other staff and support them in executing those requirements. Review events and identify areas of opportunity for improving future events. Support marketing in reaching out to sponsors for events. Continually work to build and establish relationships with Coaches, Athletic Directors in order to promote Camps and Clinics. Establish connections with potential industry partners for Camps and Clinics.



  •  Developing AND implementing the BTS basketball training curriculum. The curriculum must be built around 5 week testing cycles and be focused on individual skill development and FUN; 
  • Managing the career development and advancement of your staff. As noted above, the owners give a very high priority to the proper training of your staff. This includes (i) training the developers through use of the Developers Roadmap and working closely with the BTS team so that it has visibility into the quality and progress of the Developers at your facility, and (ii) assuring the highest level of development and fun is delivered to the athletes. Critical to this success is the AME and measuring and assuring a high AME, from the moment a prospect walks in the door until the moment the last member leaves the facility each evening. A well-trained staff will make this easy AND fun.
  • Leadership - lead by example - you should assure that to both you and your staff
  • Hygiene is excellent
  • Company logo-wear is always worn while at work (on and off site)
  • Physical appearance is clean and tidy
  • Lives up to a "High Morale Code" (you are teaching children - treat them as if they are the future of your community
  • Be an Example in Excellence in Punctuality, Participation & Execution to:  the job, employees, members and their families, community in which the academy operates, in the reception area with members, fostering a "No Secrets Rule" with your staff, follow through on your commitments, creativity and ideas (there are no "bad" ideas) treat your job as an excited student treats their learning opportunities, oversight of sales and Membership recruiting, participate in events representing the Company
  • Staff Support.  You are responsible for creating a winning and energizing work environment, creating an empowering work environment, creating an efficient work environment, creating strong communicators
  • Academy Member Leadership - Measure your AME every session; treat each session like it were your last-give.  Give everyone all you have!   Focus every day on creating champions in our Company, from staff to Academy Members.
  • Facilities Management Obligation - a clean and organized environment (small things matter-paper on the floor, equipment out of place, etc),  proper Academy Member check-in is established; give GREAT energy to members as they enter the facility, company's standards for cleanliness, maintenance, safety, security are met, assure proper attire is worn by staff, assure proper retail items are displayed, assure proper promotional materials; posters, etc. are displayed. 
  • Sales and Marketing, including - implement and support company sales programs to generate new sales, primary focus is always to new joins AND retention of existing members, monitor sales activity DAILY, assure there are always active sales programs underway, regularly work with team on member renewals, ensure company's participation in local community events both for sales and marketing and for supporting the charitable activities important to the community and approved by owner, upbeat and enthusiastic attitude, responsible for contact with families to ensure their happiness, Parent Communication/Education:  communicates to parents any change in the program, communicates to parents any promotions with the organization, responsible for education of policies and procedures, answer inbound customer inquiries regarding billing and membership accounts
  • Communication - communicate bad news to owners or BTS executives quickly, communicate often, be email and text proficient.  non-urgent communications should be generally done by email
  • General - work proficiently with internal reporting system, using them to monitor and modify activities regularly, have a working knowledge of all standard operating procedure and policies, Zen planner, Excel, writing skills literate, CPR and AED certification

**This is not a Four Seasons position.  It is a position located in the Four Seasons I Health Club**