Bishop’s Delegate for Safe Environment
Manchester, NH Chancery
Job Type



The Bishop of Manchester is the visible principle and foundation of unity in the particular diocese entrusted to him. In a unique and visible way, he makes Christ’s mission present and enduring as Shepherd of the Christian Community. In order to fulfill his mission, the Bishop employs suitable, chosen collaborators (clerics, religious, or lay people). He shares with them the apostolic mission and entrusts various responsibilities to them.

Each position employed in the Diocesan Administration Building helps to extend the ministry of the Bishop in particular ways as outlined in the position description. All employees of the diocesan administration assist the Bishop of Manchester in serving the parishes, schools and institutions of the Catholic Church in New Hampshire.


All employees of the Diocesan Administration assist the Bishop of Manchester in serving the parishes, schools and institutions of the Catholic Church in New Hampshire.

This position is accountable to the Bishop of Manchester and is supervised by the Chancellor.


This position is responsible for assisting in the implementation and ongoing oversight of diocesan policies, including, but not limited to the Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal Policy, in the parishes, Catholic schools and other institutions of the Diocese, including the diocesan central administration. This position exercises independent judgment and initiative in the performance of day-to-day functions.


1. Oversee compliance with diocesan policies at all diocesan locations, especially the screening and training requirements of the Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal Policy.

2. Travel to parishes and schools throughout the Diocese to audit and determine compliance with diocesan policies and address non-compliance issues. 

3. Conduct training and otherwise assist parish and school staff members and safe environment coordinators in implementing diocesan policies.

4. Prepare and review written reports of findings resulting from visitations to parishes, Catholic schools, and other institutions. 

5. Present applicable summaries of findings and reports to the Bishop of Manchester and the Diocesan Review Board. 

6. Draft, develop, research, and coordinate safe environment programs, policies, procedures, and other initiatives designed to prevent sexual abuse of minors in the Church and to raise awareness about the problem of sexual abuse in our society and how to report it to the appropriate authorities. 

7. Supervise the staff of the Office for Safe Environment and consultants hired to assist the Office for Safe Environment.

8. Schedule meetings of the Safe Environment Council and regularly collaborate and communicate with members of the Safe Environment Council. Work with Deans to nominate members of the Council.

9. Schedule and plan safe environment meetings, events, and materials for coordinators, council members, pastors, principals, and others involved in safe environment efforts. 

10. Prepare newsletters and produce or provide other resources for those who minister in the Church regarding safe environment issues and matters addressed in the Serving Christ, Serving Others Code of Ministerial Conduct. 

11. Respond to audits and reviews by the Diocesan Review Board and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in regards to compliance with diocesan policies and the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

12. Complete projects and assignments as directed by the bishop, Chancellor and other diocesan central administration staff.

13. Make monthly updates to the Region I Clergy Database.

14. Prepare annual budget for the Safe Environment Office.

15. Assist the Delegate for Ministerial Conduct, when necessary.

16. Report directly to the Bishop in those instances in which the Delegate for Safe Environment believes that there exists a significant disagreement with the Delegate for Ministerial Conduct as to the implementation of and adherence to diocesan policies. 



Education:  Bachelor Degree required. 

Experience:  Work or experience in finance, business, accounting, child protection, and/or  auditing required. Work or volunteer experience in a Roman Catholic parish,  Catholic school, or institution preferred. 


  • Proficient in the use of personal computers including: word processing, spreadsheets, database and Internet programs (requirement details are found in a separate document and are under the direction of the Director of Information Services)
  • Able to communicate well both orally and in writing and must possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Able to work well with others both within and outside of the Diocesan Administration in order to achieve department objectives
  • Able to use office equipment such as typewriters, computers, calculators, copiers, fax machines, etc.

Due to the nature of this position, it is desirable that the incumbent be a practicing Roman Catholic who is registered and active in a parochial or religious community.


The venue of this position is a general office environment that is clean, well-lighted, environmentally comfortable and only minimally exposes employees to office solvents limited to those relative to copier equipment.

1. Lifting and carrying objects up to ten pounds occasionally required 

2. Reaching at or above shoulder level occasionally required; reaching below shoulder level frequently required

3. Frequent hand manipulation required to operate controls and equipment; occasional hand manipulation in grasping and/or handling materials is required

4. Other physical activity (twisting, bending, squatting, crawling, kneeling, climbing) occasionally required

5. Travel throughout the State of New Hampshire required

6. Position requires working at desk or traveling in a car approximately sixty-five percent of the workday; balance of time divided between standing and walking

7. Remote work may be permitted for this position with approval of the Chancellor.