Commercial Lending Assistant

Primary Position Objective:

Responsible for working with the commercial lenders within the local branch on a variety of pre-close and post-close tasks and file preparation as well as ongoing servicing tasks required to maintain a current commercial loan file. This individual will coordinate loan closings with the commercial loan document preparation team and assist lenders with ongoing loan servicing needs.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Fund loans, run transactions and pay invoices related to loan closings.
  2. Track collateral insurance and ticklers.
  3. Assist in pre-close underwriting tasks such as order flood searches, title work, lien searches and credit reports.
  4. Review with Lenders and CA the annual reviews and enter any work requests for Evals, financials, etc.
  5. Perform a variety of post-close tasks such as lien perfection through mortgage, UCC and grant filings, insurance verification and scanning certain documents.
  6. Following loan closing, assemble documents in the physical loan file and/or ECM and make sure borrowing documents (Articles, Resolutions, etc.) are saved in the Customer Data folder.
  7. Perform file maintenance in an accurate and timely manner to maintain integrity of loan data on PHX/ECM system.
  8. Prepare loan files and ensure appropriate ticklers are set up to track required information (i.e., insurance, financial statements, etc.)
  9. Prepare Loan files for audit selections.
  10. Administer draw requests, collateral tracking, line advances specific file record-keeping.
  11. Process paid loan files and release collateral as authorized.
  12. Assist in Scanning & Indexing existing physical files into ECM.
  13. Research and confirm Paid Property Tax Ticklers Annually.
  14. Handle commercial department branch mail.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned.

Regulatory Compliance Requirements:

Incumbent will be responsible for meeting the requirements for all statutes/regulations pertaining to or governing his/her position/department.

Independent Judgment:

The incumbent must use a high degree of independent judgment to ensure good customer service. Specifically, the incumbent will need to effectively communicate by telephone, e-mail and other written correspondence. This position also requires the ability to have good problem-solving skills.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Necessary:

  1. Preferred minimum of 2 years of experience in bank loan origination or servicing.
  2. Strong written and oral customer relations skills.
  3. Strong organizational skills, responsibility and attention to detail.
  4. Effectively operate all office equipment required to support this position. To include but not limited to personal computer, fax, scanner/copier, printer, phone system, etc.
  5. Working knowledge of a variety of software applications in word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentation software (MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint).
  6. Must have the ability to work closely with team members in a collaborative and supporting manner.