CT Simulation Technician


Organizational Overview:

Aspekt Solutions strives to provide the highest quality professional services with core competency in medical and industrial radiation applications. Our strengths include technical expertise for consultation, development, and management of applied radiation systems, including staffing and management solutions to clinics and hospitals in the business of providing radiation services.

Position Summary:
The CT Simulation Technician is responsible for the administration of all CT exams for radiation simulations. Ensures technical quality, timely reporting of results, and compliance with appropriate regulatory agencies related to patient and employee safety.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Prepare room and equipment for patient according to prescription regarding immobilization devices, field size, treatment distance, bolus, lead protection devices, etc.
  • Perform machine safety checks and/or warm up procedures; know safe limits of equipment operations, and report abnormalities or inconsistencies to the proper authority. 
  • Construct immobilization devices and employ custom blocking techniques that are conducive to the prescribed radiation therapy. 
  • Utilize sophisticated imaging equipment and treatment planning systems for precise      tumor localization. 
  • Maintain daily treatment schedule.
  • Incorporate department and hospital policies and procedures into care provided.
  • Performs ordered CT procedures achieving a high level of quality: Properly injecting IV contrast, administering of oral contrast,      ensuring protocol setup, patient positioning, and image reconstruction. Performs network image transfers and archiving of image data and completes appropriate charge capture of exams performed and ensures accuracy of      patient demographic information.
  • Reviews imaging orders, patient history, and communicates with ordering physicians as needed to confirm proper imaging      techniques.
  • Interprets needed patient setups based on patient charts and physician orders in accordance with department policies and procedures.
  • Works as a team with radiation oncologists, dosimetrists, physicists, and radiation therapists to ensure reproducible setups and quality imaging for patients receiving radiation therapy.
  • Assists radiation therapists with setups, charting and patient care when not performing simulations.
  • Completes all necessary electronic charting and paperwork to ensure timely charge capture and billing of CT services.
  • Maintains proper inventory levels of supplies for CT simulation. 
  • Provides appropriate patient protection and self in accordance with prescribed safety standards.
  • Conducts daily quality control measures to monitor machine performance in accordance with department’s policies and      procedures.
  • Reports equipment malfunctions and facilitates coordination of needed repairs.
  • In conjunction with the chief/lead therapist, arranges preventive CT equipment maintenance as recommended by vendor.
  • Participates in projects or meetings, and completes other tasks assigned by the lead therapist or other management designee.


Work Environment, Physical Demands, and Travel Requirements:

  • Travel between sites


  • Associate's Degree in Radiologic Technology from an accredited school
  • Certification as a registered radiologic technologist (ARRT) required
  • Medical Radiologic Technologist Maryland license required
  • Current CPR certifications required
  • Certification in CT required
  • CT – Simulation experience required


  • Minimum (1) year of experience as a CT Technologist
  • Experience with placing IV’s