Assistant Teacher - Early Childhood Education

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The Assistant teacher functions to assist the Lead Teacher with developing and implementing a program that promotes the social, emotional, physical and academic development of the whole child. The lead teacher will supervise and train the assistant on a daily basis. 

Qualifications: Teacher Assistants are required to have a high school diploma and proficiency in English. An AA degree with an ECE major is preferred. They must have at least 6 ECE units and one year experience working in a quality preschool. A desire to learn the Montessori, Reggio and Nature Based methods is necessary. All the California State requirements to work as a Teacher Assistant in a preschool must be met before hire date including current CPR, medical and criminal record clearance, immunizations, and required forms. Vietnamese speaking preferred.   


All duties and responsibilities will be carried out under the direction of the Lead Teacher. 

·  Assist Lead Teacher in maintaining records on each child’s progress and development. 

·  The Assistant Teacher keeps order in the classroom. The assistant scans the classroom

·  constantly and is proactive. 

·  Greet children upon arrival to the classroom and assist them with hand washing and toileting if

·  needed. 

·  Maintain a safe, clean, and well-organized classroom environment. 

·  Assist the Lead Teacher in reviewing the progress of each child and developing written plans to

·  promote each child’s growth and development. 

·  Develop a positive relationship with each child and promote the development of self-esteem,

·  self- discipline, and normalization. 

·  Assist in planning and implementing the daily program and remain flexible about assignments. 

·  Plan and supervise outdoor playtime. 

·  Supervise the lunch and nap times as requested and assist the child in toileting throughout the

·  day. 

·  Sanitize the nap cots and classroom materials daily. 

·  Assist the teacher in conducting parent/teacher conferences. 

·  Be familiar with all emergency plans and assist in monthly drills. 

·  Dress and act professional while always using a calm voice in the classroom. Model good

·  manners and give grace and courtesy lessons throughout the day. 

·  Clean out the cubbies every Friday and organize the classroom for the next week. 

·  Keep and maintain a list of needed supplies which includes the date and quantity. 

·  Check the sign in out sheets daily for complete signatures. 

·  Prepare and supervise snack time, 

·  Attend and participate in all classroom, staff meetings; parent nights, and in service trainings. 

·  Always be alert for safety and/or health hazards inside and outside. Assure the first aid kits are

·  well stocked including the one on the playground. 

·  Greet parents and pick up time but do not engage in talking when supervising the children. 

·  Assist orienting substitute teachers in the absence of the Lead Teacher. 

·  Other duties as assigned. 

Salary Description
$19/hr to $21/hr.