Worship Director (Part-Time)

Job Summary

The role of the Worship Director is to recruit and lead teams of musicians who have a passion for Jesus and for providing inspiring, Spirit-led music for Crossroads worship. This is a part-time position for 15 hours average per week.

Key Leadership Roles

The Worship Director will:

  • Directs all departments for celebration services (Creative, music, production/tech) 
  • Recruit and develop teams of singers and musicians for worship services at Pgh North
  • Schedule musical teams for all services.
  • Lead the weekly rehearsal


The Worship Director will:

  1. Contribute to developing the culture of worship as set forth by the Lead Pastor and North Region Pastor.  Build this culture in all locations by working with and casting vision to the Regional Worship Directors.
  2. Work with production teams to ensure all worship services at Crossroads North are executed with excellence and meeting the goals and needs of the Lead and Region Pastors.
  3. Recruit and Develop
    1. Recruit and build a multi-ethnic worship team.
    2. Seek opportunities to develop the team musically and spiritually.
    3. Assist in creating and overseeing youth and children’s worship teams.
  4. Create and Execute
    1. Lead the weekly rehearsal at North.
    2. Oversee and manage the worship and production budget.


  • You’re passionate about worship and growing the local church.
  • You’re comfortable leading from the stage, but also understands the focus of worship is Jesus.
  • You’re experienced in Planning Center and Ableton/Multitracks or have the ability to quickly learn technical programs.
  • You’re spiritually mature, wise, and lead with humility.
  • You have a track record of reaching the lost, and you have a heart for seekers and the unchurched. You care about seeing others come to know Jesus.
  • You’re a disciple-maker. You invest in people, and they catch that vision and go on to disciple others.  You have a track record of helping people take their next step in faith, and some of them have followed your example and are currently doing the same with others.
  • You’re a self-starter.  You have an ability to get things done.  You’ve got a system in place to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks.  You follow through on things you say you’ll do.  You respond promptly to emails and phone calls.
  • You’re comfortable leading “naturally supernaturally” (operating in the gifts of the Spirit, including praying for healing and prophetic prayer) in all contexts, practically blending the natural and supernatural aspects of leadership.
  • You have relational warmth. People find you approachable and easy to talk to. You are warm and engaging, and clearly care for people. You have a pastor’s heart and a leader’s mind. You can speak comfortably and naturally in front of large and small groups.  Your own personality comes through. People look to you as a leader.
  • You exhibit Christ-like character, including committing to daily personal time with God, supporting the ministries of Crossroads Church by tithing, loving others as family, and developing personal evangelism opportunities. 
  • If you’re not already attending Crossroads Church, you’re willing to make Crossroads Church home and work towards the overall vision and mission of Crossroads Church, including adhering to the Crossroads’ Staff Handbook and participating in a Crossroads Life Group.
  • You align with the core theological beliefs of Crossroads Church (https://xr.church/about-us/our-beliefs/). For example, we fully affirm women in leadership. We believe all gifts of the Spirit listed in the New Testament are available to believers today.