Job Type


FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Division: Ambitrans Medical Transport 

Reports To: Area Supervisor

Date: Evergreen Position

Purpose: To provide Advance Life Support patient care and ambulance transportation. Also performs other duties as assigned.

Essential Job Functions

1) Provides emergency and non-emergency ambulance operations in conjunction with a partner, demonstrating excellent driving judgment and due regard for public safety during operation and positioning of unit.

2) Responds to all assigned calls in the most appropriate, safe, and efficient manner to quickly assess the scene and request other help if needed.

3) Provides BLS or ALS patient care in accordance with established ACLS and BTLS policies, procedures and observing prescribed local protocols and clinical practices. Evaluates and treats patients with appropriate techniques, resources, and equipment.

4) May work with an EMT or another Paramedic in an ALS operation, providing overall care in the areas of patient assessment, packaging and transport.

5) Completes appropriate medical records and transportation reports.

6) Maintains a thorough working knowledge of current Paramedic standards of care, including equipment function and use.

7) Maintains a thorough working knowledge of local geography, including mapping, street and GPS systems.

8) Maintains units and equipment in a clean, organized and ready condition after each response.

9) Completes or ensures completion of vehicle mechanical check off at the beginning of each shift ensuring that fuel, fluid levels, and tire air pressure are adequate at all times. Reports equipment damage or malfunctions as prescribed.

10) Ensures that the daily equipment and supplies check sheet is completed, narcotic accountability book is completed and all equipment is in good working order.

11) Completes all station duties and maintains crew quarters in a neat and serviceable condition.

12) Must be able to physically report to work in a timely manner on a regular basis





Emergency clinical practices, procedures and protocol

Use of medical and related emergency equipment

Local geography

Technical Skills:

Evaluating and treating patients

Exercising judgment, dexterity and physical coordination

Preparing clear and concise reports

Driving emergency vehicles

Behavioral and Physical Skills:

Ability to act calmly and quickly in emergency situations

Can work independently as part of a team, sometimes alongside emergency fire and police units

Able to create and maintain a positive and cooperative working environment in stressful situations

Able to work during odd hours and for extended periods, sometimes outdoors and in adverse weather conditions

Can work with much standing, bending, and kneeling

Able to work with partner in lifting patients whose weight occasionally exceeds 250 pounds

Strength required but not limited to arms, legs, and shoulders to lift, push and pull patients with and without assistance at various times.

Able to avoid or minimize health risks and exposure for all Blood borne Pathogens and other airborne pathogens including MRSA by using personal protective equipment 

Certification(s) and/or License(s):

Current State of Florida Driver’s License

Current State of Florida Paramedic Certification

Current CPR Certification

Current ACLS Certification

Education and/or Experience:

High school graduate

Completion of course-work and certification in emergency medicine

A minimum of one year of experience in the field as an EMT or Paramedic (preferred but not required)

Ambitrans Medical Transport, Inc.

Ambulance Management Services, LLC

Equal Opportunity Employers-all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin. 

Drug Free Workplace

Salary Description
$25.00 to $30.00 hourly