Truck Driver
Job Type


Purpose: Support stores, farms, and organization as a whole by performing and ensuring efficient and effective warehouse, transportation, and logistics operations. Basic schedule may change with workload. 

A. Receiving:

1. Unload trucks and move stock to storage locations, using jacks, hand trucks, dock plates, etc. as appropriate.

2. Check product in accordance with receiving guidelines. Document errors such that Accounting and Purchasing staff have appropriate information so we don’t pay for product we didn't get and that we get the correct product, and that wrong product can be returned. Check product for quality- damage, temperature, dating, etc.

3. Put product away in accordance with guidelines, including ensuring proper product rotation and that warehouse staffers will find things easily.

4. Handle returns to vendors.

5. Exchange pallets, totes, or other exchangeables as appropriate, documenting the exchange and ensuring we get credit when we’re supposed to.

6. Process invoices, packing slips, and other paperwork as required, sending to proper destination in prompt manner.

7. Accommodate and communicate receiving schedule availability to vendors and staff as reasonable.

B. Warehouse and other runs:

1. Order fulfillment- taking orders, picking, pallet building, etc.

2. Load orders for transport in a safe and efficient manner.

3. Drive truck to stores and deliver products to appropriate areas with help of store staff and co-operators as appropriate. Use material handling equipment in safe and efficient manner.

4. Document order sheets and electronic orders such that accurate inventory is maintained at item level.

5. Drive truck back to warehouse, including any store to warehouse transfers, returns, miscellaneous things.

6. Bring UNFI and other orders to stores as per guidelines.

7. Perform other runs as required- Restaurant Depot, Seven Stars, etc.

8. Help with events as needed.

C. Help Purchasing and other managers maintain vehicles by cooperating around maintenance schedules, reporting problems, assisting getting vehicles to and from shops, cleaning, doing small repairs, etc..

D. Utilize co-operators as appropriate.

F. Miscellaneous items:

1. Opening & closing warehouse.

2. Maintaining warehouse security.

3. Maintaining warehouse physical plant.

a. Daily & weekly clean up & maintenance: removing trash, recycling, tidying up, sweeping, etc.

b. Reporting building and equipment issues to supervisor.

c. Maintaining pallet jack and other equipment per instructions.

4. Making judgment calls about late deliveries, unsafe conditions, etc.

5. Maintaining supply and packaging inventory as needed.

6. Help maximize energy conservation by turning off lights, heat, etc. when not needed.

7. Compliance with any landlord requirements and being good warehouse tenant.

8. Being a good neighbor with both commercial and residential neighbors.

9. Minimize damage to persons, product & physical plant.

10. Keeping food safe- temperature control, contaminant-free, insect and rodent control, maintaining intact packaging.

11. Function as auxiliary Facilities staff as appropriate, per weekly schedule.


· Observe all Weavers Way policies and procedures

· Attend departmental and all-staff meetings as scheduled

· Read and respond to emails, texts, phone messages, memos and be good communicator 

· Perform other duties as assigned by management



· Valid driver license

· Driving record meets criteria for the co-op’s approved driver list

· Commitment to the mission and goals of Weavers Way Co-operative Association

· Ability to work well in a team setting

· Ability to communicate with staff and co-operators

· Ability to supervise co-operators

· Ability to courteously and efficiently serve customers 

· Ability to multi-task, set priorities and remain calm under stress

· Ability to work independently and exercise independent judgment when necessary

· Basic knowledge of WW products

· Understanding of plant safety and maintenance procedures and of basic functions, controls, and safe operation of equipment

· Able to lift 50 pounds

· Knowledge of Weavers Way staff and membership policies

· Be or become upon hiring a member in good standing of Weavers Way Co-op

Salary Description
Starting at $17.37