Part Time JCH Behavior Technician

To provide direct instruction to five to seven students with autism within a classroom using the principles of applied behavior analysis for the purpose of helping individuals overcome the challenges of autism. 

 Preparation / Materials 

  • Prepares learner’s daily schedule 
  • Sets up materials for learner(s)
  • Assists creating, organizing, and maintaining learner’s materials


  • Runs sessions independently
  • Runs educational programs accurately
  • Performs error correction procedure accurately
  • Takes advantage of natural teaching opportunities
  • Implements behavior support plans accurately
  • Manages other challenging behaviors effectively
  • Implements additional protocols accurately (e.g., medicine, diet, toileting)
  • Supervises higher ratios of learners during  lunch or other non-instructional periods


  • Maintains home/school contact (e.g., daily communication logs)
  • Participates  in classroom, team, and all staff meetings as requested
  • Coordinates and collaborates with learner’s related service personnel as applicable
  • Communicates with supervisors about problem programs and behavior
  • Maintains weekly schedule and communicates availability to supervisor as required

Data Collection and Analysis 

  • Collects data accurately
  • Maintains accurate graphs in Noteable
  • Updates all program information in data  sheets/Noteable in a timely manner


  • Arrives on time for work
  • Shows flexibility to change
  • Has a positive attitude towards students and staff
  • Adheres  to safety protocols
  • Makes prudent use of sick/personal time
  • Assists with special projects and assignments  as requested
  • Takes on additional responsibilities when work is complete
  • Assists in keeping common spaces clean and organized
  • Accepts feedback and constructive criticism
  • Adheres to the mission, vision and values of VIA

School Inclusion (If Applicable) 

  • Safely transports learners to other school for instruction as requested/required
  • Uses discretion with prompts while in inclusion setting
  • Modifies school curriculum when necessary
  • Facilitates communication with peers in inclusion setting
  • Facilitates communication with inclusion staff
  • Collects  data when necessary in inclusion setting
  • Notifies supervisor when support programs are needed
  • Represents VIA with professionalism

Community- Based Education/ Vocational Training (If Applicable) 

  • Safely  transports learners to community settings as requested/required
  • Uses discretion with prompts while in public
  • Promotes independence and competence with skills
  • Takes advantage of natural teaching opportunities in public
  • Interacts appropriately with other community members
  • Collects data when necessary in community
  • Manages learners’ valuables including money and personal belongings
  • Leaves and arrives on time for community-based programs
  • Notifies supervisor when support programs are needed
  • Represents VIA with professionalism

Emerging ResponsibilitiesInstructors may assume the following responsibilities as assigned by the Behavior Analyst as part of their professional development:

  • Analyze  and summarize learners’ performance data and assist with learners’ program      selection, write-ups and revisions
  • Design and prepare for dyads
  • Assist with learner assessments
    • Takes initiative to problem solve student programming

Position TypeThis is a part-time position. This position involves working with students who exhibit challenging and/or aggressive behavior and participation in community outings.  




  • Valid driving license required
  • High School Diploma or equivalency required
  • Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)      certification required within 90 days from hire/start date
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Experience in the application of applied      behavior analysis (ABA) in the education of students with autism is      preferred