Great Lakes Master
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Come Sail with us on the Great Lakes!

If you are looking to sail with us as part of our team, safety, efficient operations, a family-oriented environment, one of the best leave and rotation systems on the Great Lakes, unprecedented teamwork and some of the most talented colleagues in the industry are just some of the reasons you will enjoy a career with us!  

Our total rewards package is everything you receive as an employee and includes your income, paid travel to/from the vessel, healthcare benefits, retirement savings plans and work/life balance with best in class rotation.  Opportunities education and upgrade bonuses to support career growth at a pace that is right for each individual.

Grand River Navigation Company is the U.S. operating subsidiary of Rand Logistics Corporation. Together with our Canadian sister company, Lower Lakes Towing Ltd., we are one of the largest marine transportation service providers operating on the Great Lakes today with a combined fleet of 15 bulk freight vessel is service to over 50 customers across the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway.  


  • The Master is in ultimate command and therefore responsible for their vessel.
  • The Master is responsible for the seaworthiness, safety, and security of the vessel, its equipment, cargo, and personnel.
  • The Master directly represents the Owners of the vessel in its operation
  • The Master is responsible for the Safe Navigation of the vessel
  • The Master is responsible for the compliance of all laws and regulations, including Co Policies
  • The Master is responsible to promote and encourage crew morale and their professional growth

Why Choose Grand River Navigation?

  • As an employee you are part of the Rand Logistics family where Teamwork and safety are a core value
  • Highly competitive wages and benefits
  • The best leave system in the industry
  • We pay for your travel to and from the vessel
  • Excellent Health and Retirement Benefits
  • Excellent safety record


  • Passport and allowed entry into the Canada
  • Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) issued by the USCG
  • Endorsement as Master of Self Propelled Vessels of Unlimited Tonnage upon the Great Lakes and Inland Waters (Minimum) 
  • First Class Pilot of Vessels of Unlimited Tonnage upon the Great Lakes between Duluth, Gary, Buffalo and Port Weller to Cape Vincent
  • Certification as Ship Security Officer
  • Transportation Worker Identification (TWIC) issued by TSA
  • Excellent communication and team work skills as well as the ability to multi-task