Tech Services Manager
Austin, TX Management

Primary Job Duties:
•    Establishes and maintains relationships with Guests, Team Members and vendors.
•    Coordinates preventative maintenance schedules on all assets.
•    Oversees Team Members,  ensuring all policies, procedures, safety standards and daily operational standards are being followed.
•    Ensures compliance with company policies, procedures and applicable state and federal laws.
•    Oversees and maintains open communication with management and department supervisors.
•    Review and interview qualified applicants, hire part-time staff based upon qualifications set forth by the General Manager and department head.
•    Follows through in obtaining licenses, permits and certificates where necessary.
•    Follows instructions and requests by upper management.
•    Conducts regular inspections of rides, attractions, games and equipment to ensure operational readiness.
•    Performs necessary repairs to rides, attractions, games and equipment as necessary.
•    Maintains an organized and clean and safe work area and environment.
•    Completes counseling, work related injury paperwork, scheduling and payroll reports in a timely manner consistent with policies and procedures.
•    Plans, assigns and directs work, appraising performance, rewarding, disciplining, addressing complaints and resolving problems.
•    Enforces policies and procedures relating to problems and emergencies which occur during business operations.
•    Assists with the development and training of Team Members.
•    Creates and posts notices regarding policy changes related to the department.


Physical Requirements:
•    Standing for long periods of time with frequent bending and turning
•    Must be able to lift 40 lbs
•    Must be comfortable climbing on a ladder
•    Must be able to communicate with guests and deliver safety instructions

Special Requirements:
•    Must be at least 18 years old
•    Obtain training certification per company policy

Standard Company Expectations:
•    Goes beyond the normal expectations without compromising the company mission, vision and values.
•    Demonstrates the ability to be courteous and accountable in all situations.
•    Responding to guests’ special requests in a courteous and accountable fashion.
•    Monitors the consistency of the product provided to all guests.
•    Works in a friendly, honest, and diligent manner with fellow team members, supervisors, and managers.
•    Cooperates with all team members when assigned additional tasks and listens to others with compassion.
•    Seeks knowledge from multiple sources and learns from past experiences for future development and growth.
•    Maintains appearance and/or uniform standards.

Please note that the company validates every applicant's right to work in the United States through the E-verify system.  Also, in order to maintain the safety of our guests and team members, the company will process a background check upon hire.  The results of E-verify and the background check could dictate your employment with the company.  We appreciate your compliance and understanding regarding these matters.