Speech Language Pathologist
Newport News, VA Speech Language Pathologist
Job Type

General Description

To provide direct and consultative speech and language therapy services to children and adolescent with autism, including evaluation and treatment of linguistic and cognitive communication disorders and development processes. To work as part of a larger educational treatment team as defined by individualized program plans.

Essential Core Responsibilities

Direct Service Delivery 50%

  • Screens and evaluates students as part of the speech and language assessment procedures per program
  • Schedules students for therapy within frequency guidelines per program
  • Develops and conducts direct service delivery based on findings from assessments and in support of individualized treatment goals and IEP goals
  • Provides interventions through individual, group, and/or consultative models based on student needs

Indirect Service Delivery 20%

  • Attends team meetings as requested
  • Performs as an active and effective team member on assigned teams
  • Consults with larger treatment team, according to allotted time in the IEP
  • Communicates with teachers and program supervisors regarding schedule changes
  • Identifies students’ therapy needs

Documentation 20%

  • Documents assessment results and treatment interventions within established school and IEP guidelines
  • Follows Faison Center guidelines for speech therapy employees
  • Communicates with families and shares that communication with the student’s teacher
  • Maintains service delivery schedule on shared drive and tracks makeup time needed and provided
  • Complies with documentation forms prescribed by placing agencies and the Department of Education
  • Demonstrates clearly and concisely a specialized understating of students from a speech pathologist perspective
  • Addresses IEP documentation requirements

Department Related Administration 10%

  • Assists in planning of speech and language therapy departmental projects and research
  • Attends supervision and staff meetings
  • Maintains work areas and determines needed supplies
  • Completes data reports as assigned

Continuing Education

  • Attends required in-service training
  • Attends necessary amount of continued education requirements for licensure

Experience Requirements

  • Demonstrated specialized understanding of motor, cognitive, psychosocial and communicative aspects of autism spectrum disorders
  • Ability to utilize knowledge in student evaluation, treatment planning and participation and consultation as part of larger treatment team
  • Knowledge of applied behavior analysis as demonstrated through experience
  • Demonstrated ability to use supportive communication techniques based on student needs
  • Experience in pediatric speech and language services
  • Ability to independently carry caseload including scheduling, evaluation, treating, consulting and adhering to policies

Education Requirements

  • Master’s degree in speech and language pathology from ASHA accredited program required
  • Licensure as speech and language pathologist from Virginia Board of Audiology and Speech Pathology

Essential Physical Requirements

  • Lift 50 pounds (and keep back straight while doing so)
  • Bend at all joints fluently
  • Move in and out of and maintain a kneeling position for up to five minutes
  • Reach in all directions
  • Grasp using both hands
  • Move quickly in both confined and open spaces to avoid safety issues
  • Run in order to retrieve an individual who is moving quickly away from staff
  • Maintain balance while lowering to a half squat position
Salary Description
$61,000 to $71,000