Occupational Therapist (Remote)
Fully Remote Remote Worker - N/A
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Easterseals Academy is a therapeutic school that provides schooling for children with an autism spectrum disorder, emotional disability, developmental delay, or intellectual disability. School districts refer students to Easterseals Academy where the schools provide an alternative school placement for these students to help them to achieve independence. Easterseals Academy has three campuses, located in Chicago, Machesney Park, and Tinley Park.

For more information about our organization, please visit us online at www.eastersealschicago.org

The primary responsibility of the Occupational Therapist is to deliver occupational therapy services as mandated on student IEP’s in accordance with the Illinois State Board of Education’s requirements.

This position is headquartered at Easterseals Academies with the option to work from a remote location. 


  • Adhere to all mandated reporters and OIG guidelines at all times.
  • Utilize data daily to drive instruction, monitor progress, and create goals.
  • Develop, in collaboration with team members, appropriate IEP goals based on formal and informal assessment results.
  • Submit quarterly progress reports in a timely manner for distribution to parents/guardians via classroom teacher.
  • Update quarterly benchmarks related to IEP goals at designated times.
  • Interact with the Administration and classroom staff regarding recommendations throughout the school year.
  • Participate in all classroom team meetings on caseload throughout the school year.
  • Participate in all scheduled in-house training throughout the school year.
  • Participate in all scheduled clinical meetings throughout the school year.
  • Complete required in-house and district-mandated documentation and/or billing requirements.
  • Participate in IEP/FIE meetings as needed throughout the school year.
  • Complete progress/contact notes on the appropriate forms and maintain them in specified locations throughout the school year.
  • Complete formal referrals for students on caseload as needed throughout the school year.
  • Train staff and students in the use of student systems in related areas as needed throughout the school year.
  • Establish and maintain a consistent form of communication with the parents/guardians of students as needed on caseload throughout the school year.
  • Provide and document direct/consult therapy minutes as required on each student’s IEP on caseload throughout the school year.
  • Provide support, resources, and recommendations for all classrooms on caseload as needed throughout the school year.


  • Master’s Degree in speech/language pathology, Certificate of Clinical Competency.
  • Illinois State license.
  • Completion of required clinical hours for degree/license.

Experience Required:

  • Experience working with special needs population necessary.
  • Experience working with technology.
  • Experience with remote sessions. 

Remote Job Specifications:

  • Daily use of video communication platforms.
  • Attending agency remote clinical meetings on a consistent basis.
  • Prepare online lessons that are accessible to students' level of need.
  • Collaborate with paraprofessionals on their role in supporting sessions.


  • Ability to multi-task in a high-stress environment.
  • Ability to interact with diverse personalities.
  • Ability to attend team meetings weekly/monthly at one of the academy campuses (Machesney Park, Chicago, or Tinley Park) preferred. 

ADA: Easterseals will make reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. Unless exempted by the Americans with Disabilities Act, all persons hired for this position are required to possess the ability to perform the physical tasks necessary to treat clients, i.e., bending, floor-sitting, etc., as well as to have the ability to lift up to 50 pounds frequently.

Salary Description
$60,915 - $68,789