Submittal Administrator & AutoCAD - Mount Juliet
Mount Juliet, TN Production
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Full-Service Industrial & Commercial Roofing

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The CAD & Submittal Administrator’s primary role is providing timely, complete, and accurate construction documents for the use of our clients, municipalities, and most of all RRCI Company’s field operations.

The CAD & Submittal Administrator’s focus will be satisfying the contractual and/or project-specific requirements set forth by RRCI Company’s clients as well as, serving RRCI Company’s team with a steadfast commitment to interdepartmental collaboration, policies, procedures, and accuracy.

The CAD & Submittal Administrator reports to the Director of Project Management. The CAD & Submittal Administrator will also be responsible for project-specific tasks as assigned by the Project Manager for given projects as well as specific tasks as directed by the Sales & Estimating Department to secure business. The CAD & Submittal Administrator will have a linear relationship with the Project Administrator and share responsibilities from time to time.

The CAD & Submittal Administrator will be required to attend Hand-Off Meetings, Post Construction Meetings, Project Manager Meetings, Project Specific Meetings as required (on-site and off-site) as well as RRCI companywide meetings.

At the handoff meeting the Project Manager, Estimator, Project Administrator, Operations Manager, and CAD & Submittal Administrator will review the Contract, Drawings, Specifications, FM Requirements, Assembly Letters, Building Code, Energy Code, photos, RFIs, Substitution Requests, Bid Forms, EDGE Estimate documents, and any other relevant documents to determine the product data, samples, LEED documentation, engineering, testing, FM Submission and shop drawings required for submission to the client, permitting, and/or required for quality control by RRCI’S Field. An Outline of the determination of the meeting will be sent by the CAD & Submittal Administrator to the Project Manager for mutual agreement prior to commencing with work on the project.

Responsibilities of Computer-Aided Design & Submittal Administrator

Sales & Estimating Assistance

  • Research systems and codes as requested by Sales and Estimating
  • Draft drawings & details as requested and/or required for bid submissions or use as a sales tool.
  • Provide Sales & Estimating with current or historical information as it relates to system bid design including but not limited to FM Assemblies, warrantable manufacturer assemblies, system details, LEED, applicable codes, “tricks of the trade” as learned on previous projects
  • Provide system samples out of the company storage catalog or order samples from trade partners as requested by sales and estimating.

Project Submittals, Design Drawings, & Closeout Documents

  • Provide a confirming outline of all required project submittals for clarification, responsibility assignment, and tacking to the Project Manager, Project Administrator, & Estimator prior to start.
  • Author all Requests For Information (RFI) to the client and/or the design team as it relates to clarifications required for the submittal process.
  • Draft and submit all drawings and details as it relates to each specific project and project-specific conditions to the client, design team, FM, system manufacturer, and/or municipalities.
  • Accumulate and submit all product data and safety data sheets as it relates to each specific project condition to the client, design team, FM, and/or municipalities.
  • Accumulate and submit all product and system test data as it relates to each specific project to the client, design team, FM, and/or municipalities.
  • Accumulate and submit all product samples as it relates to each specific project to the client, design team, FM, and/or municipalities.
  • Accumulate and submit all required LEED documentation as it relates to all specific projects to the client, design team, and/or municipalities.
  • Assist in the execution of mock-ups as designated.
  • Work with the RRCI Company’s engineer of record for each specific project and each project-specific condition to create a complete design package including but not limited to drawings, details, design calculation data, product data.
  • All items as described above are to be drafted, authored, filed, submitted, documented, and tracked in accordance with RRCI Company Policy and project-specific direction as required.
  • All required alteration and amendments to the submitted documents, resubmission, and submissions of the aforementioned outlined items as a result of the preconstruction and construction process are the CAD & Submittal Administrator’s responsibility.
  • All required As-Built Drawing and closeout document requirements as they relate to the aforementioned outlined items are the CAD & Submittal Administrator’s responsibility.




  • Strong CAD & BIM skills
  • Good Layer organization, able to use and create dynamic blocks
  • Scale drawing and use of background architectural drawings as a reference and some external references (XREFS)
  • Some 3D required, but not necessary installation details
  • Solid Roofing and construction knowledge
  • Collaborative team player
  • Sound organizational skills
  • Uses resources efficiently
  • Problem Solver
  • Shares information and expertise with others to increase understanding
  • Adapts behavior and work methods to changing conditions and unexpected obstacles
  • Takes ownership of areas of responsibility
  • Applies expertise to perform the job effectively
  • Stays current in terms of professional development
  • Knows when and where to obtain assistance when faced with challenging work problems
  • Personifies high standards of honesty, integrity, openness, fairness, and compassion.

Education, Experience, Skills, Physical Demands

  • Associate's Degree or Bachelor's Degree preferred
  • Proficient in AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat DC, Blueprint Reading, and CAD
  • Able to climb stairs and ladders
  • Lift heavy objects up to 50 lbs.
  • Sitting for extended periods of time
  • Verbally communicate and understand objectives
  • Follow all safety procedures
  • Adhere to all quality processes

Rackley Roofing is an Equal Opportunity and Drug-Free Employer offering excellent challenges, career opportunities, competitive pay, and benefits including:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Cancer, Accident, Short Term Disability
  • Vacation and Holidays
  • 401K