Corporate Sales Manager
Plano, TX Sales

Primary Job Duties:
• Initiates sales process by scheduling appointments, making presentations, conducting park tours, and understanding client needs.
• Closes sales by building rapport with clients, thoroughly explaining product and service capabilities, problem solving to overcome objections, and executing detailed contracts.
• Participates in BEO meetings, effectively communicating the client’s needs with each department head.
• Attends booked events in order to ensure quality of products and services is delivered.
• Closes all clients out with a courtesy call following their booked event to ensure needs were met throughout the event.
• Contributes information to market strategy by monitoring competitive products and feedback from accounts.
• Attends chamber events, breakfasts, lunches, and mixers and joins strategic committees, generating new business and relationships through active networking.
• Develops and maintains an accurate and current database of schools, churches, and business contacts in the market for mailings and other promotions.
• Keeps management aware of school holidays, large community events, etc.
• Suggests sales programs to build client base and increase frequency of booked events.
• Works towards set goals to ensure continued profitability.
• Coordinates sales efforts in conjunction with direction from the Director of Sales.
• Works cooperatively with others, is a self-starter, works cohesively under pressure and deadlines, and follows all company policies, procedures, and rules of general conduct.


Physical Requirements:
• Standing for long periods of time with frequent bending and turning
• Must be able to communicate with guests and deliver instructions

Standard Company Expectations:
• Goes beyond the normal expectations without compromising the company mission, vision and values.
• Demonstrates the ability to be courteous and accountable in all situations.
• Responding to guests’ special requests in a courteous and accountable fashion.
• Monitors the consistency of the product provided to all guests.
• Works in a friendly, honest, and diligent manner with fellow team members, supervisors, and managers.
• Cooperates with all team members when assigned additional tasks and listens to others with compassion.
• Seeks knowledge from multiple sources and learns from past experiences for future development and growth.
• Maintains uniform standards.