Director of Clinical Services

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Oasis Center provides a wide range of opportunities that reflect the diverse needs of youth and their families, from crisis intervention to youth leadership and community engagement to college and career access. Our 20+ programs and services are based on the foundation of four areas for youth success: Safety, Belonging, Empowerment, and Generosity

Vision: to live in a world where all young people are safe, valued, connected to caring adults, and prepared for productive and fulfilling lives. We believe that progress is made toward this goal when we develop and encourage perspectives based on hope, a vision of what is possible, and the courage to act. We cultivate this change through caring relationships, meaningful action, and thoughtful reflection.

Position: Director of Clinical Services

Summary: Responsible for the supervision, , and daily operations of all aspects of Oasis’ clinical programming. This work is focused on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all youth by providing opportunities for individual and group therapy, MFG, Neurofeedback, and other supportive services. This position will ensure vision and training of mental health services.

Salary Range: 70K-80K

Essential Functions:

  • Provide leadership in developing high quality, equity driven clinical services for all Oasis Center programing.
  • Provide Supervision to Program Coordinator and Clinical Therapists as needed.
  • Work with VP of Crisis to Housing to ensure the Emergency Shelter has the clinical support needed.
  • Ensure that Oasis Center meets supervision standards for staff seeking Clinical Social Worker, Professional Counselor, and Marriage and Family licensure. 
  • Work with Management to create and communicate overall vision for clinical services with crisis staff, agency staff, and community partners. 
  • Assures staff providing counseling, residential services, and C2H services are supported with appropriate clinical supervision.
  • Lead and oversee implementation, administration, and evaluation of Clinical services.
  • Work with executive staff to ensure that all program management staff are trained in the use of Salesforce.
  • Responsible for the overall quality, success and outcomes across all Clinical Services
  • Responsible for maintaining compliance with all HIPPA regulations and other mental health governance. 
  • Ensure Clinical Services staff is trained and using mental health best practices. 
  • Responsible for resolution of personnel issues in collaboration with Program Management, and HR when necessary.  
  • Responsible for making sure reports are completed, in collaboration with program management and turned in timely to funding sources.
  • Knowledgeable about all funding requirements and ensures program is in compliance.
  • Work with COO to Identify and manage relationships with key internal and external partners to advance access, equity, diversity and inclusion in the community. 
  • Ensure program area is actively participating in agency led DEI initiatives and actively using the Equity Lens in decision making.


  • Expertise in working from a Trauma Informed Care approach. 
  • Experience in the practice of Neuro Feedback preferred. 
  • Demonstrate ability to work effectively with a culturally diverse workforce and provide leadership in organizational change.
  • Ability to relate to and work with diverse groups of people, including researchers, activists, faith leaders, elected officials, judges, law enforcement, educators, youth and families in collaborative change efforts.  
  • Skillfully add equity perspectives by engaging youth voice and their lived experiences. 
  • Ability to provide senior level leadership and develop a team.  
  • Ability to excel in a relationship based and strength focused workplace.
  • Excellent skills related to youth development and youth collaborations.
  • Knowledge of youth leadership development and practice, including organizing and advocacy.
  • Research, writing and documentation skills
  • Experience supervising staff and providing direct services, supports, and development opportunities for youth.
  • 5 years Program Management Experience

Educational Requirements: LCSW or LPC & able to provide Licensure Supervision

Please send a cover letter with resume when applying.

Oasis Center is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and is operated in accordance with a policy which does not permit discrimination because of race, color, sex, age, ability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Salary Description
$70K- 80K