2024 Summer Staff, Outlets

$400/week. Free housing! Free meals! Unforgettable summer!

The Outlets team is a sub-department of Food Service. These areas are specialized and our most guest-facing Summer Staff positions. There are two Outlets on campus: Clouds Coffee Shop and Nibble Nook Ice Cream/Grill. This team works together to ensure that guests are served well throughout their stay! Here is how each Outlet operates:

  • Clouds Coffee Shop: This is a traditional full-service coffee shop. Responsibilities include running the register (taking orders & payment), making hot/iced beverages, and making frozen beverages (smoothies & frappes). Clouds is also the home of our retail area, so they keep our branded apparel, stickers, and cups stocked.
  • Nibble Nook Ice Cream/Grill: This is an additional restaurant on campus. Responsibilities include running the register, grilling food, operating a deep-fryer, and scooping ice cream. They also do their dishes at the end of each shift. 

Our Outlets team is responsible for the stocking/restocking of their areas, and this sometimes requires pushing a heavy cart up an incline. Staff in this area need to be able to lift (50 pounds), bend, and stand for long periods of time. This team works very closely with some of our volunteers on campus, and their hours are determined by need and area. During the summer, Outlets Staff will work in both areas!

  • A genuine desire to make a huge impact for God’s glory
  • Previous food service experience preferred but not required
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • High energy and ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to work late night shifts

Our Summer Staff are a dynamic team who have a genuine desire to come alongside Ridgecrest in our mission of Impacting Lives for God’s Glory. Summer Staff have the incredible opportunity to interact with and serve guests from all over the world from May-August. Our prayer is that our program is a life-changing experience. We want Summer Staff to experience God and encourage them as they grow in their relationship with Him, equip them with skills they will carry with them for years to come, and build a strong community among our team where they will meet lifelong friends. Here are a few things you will get to be a part of:

  • Weekly discipleship programs (Chapel, Community Group, Service Projects, etc.)
  • Planned events on campus (Sporting Events, All-Team Hangouts, Picnics, etc.)
  • Serving in a behind-the-scenes role around Ridgecrest 

Staffers must have an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus, have great communication skills, and be self-motivated. There will be long/busy days and staffers should be prepared to work hard both mentally and physically. We offer an opportunity for those in the program to learn and develop skills that are useful in everyday life. Through training and hands-on experience, you have the opportunity to learn about leadership and the responsibilities that come with it.