Director of Operations
860, TX Corporate Office
Job Type

The Director of Operations is a key role on the senior leadership team reporting directly to the President/COO at Melrose. This individual will have broad operational expertise while understanding both strategic and tactical elements of building a world class Operation’s Organization.  

Informed, but willing to learn as well as teach, this leader serves as liaison between HQ and Field, championing initiatives which allow the Field to excel while serving the needs of HQ Business Partners. Responsible for all things Operational, the Director will wear many hats and toggle back and forth with ease.  

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Inspires excellence
  • Serves as a model of excellence in recognition of performance across all areas of the company
  • Has a light touch; easy to approach, is someone people seek out
  • Develops reputation as a “go to” person who is a valued business partner, respected for their knowledge, but also their desire to assist where needed
  • A Change Leader; able to adapt to an entrepreneurial, privately owned enterprise

Is a champion of the customer and makes all decisions with both internal and external customers at the center of their decision matrix

  • Owns customer service measurements and metrics
  • Develops best practices designed to improve the customer experience
  • Manages HQ workload to ensure appropriate gulp rate in field
  • Handles any customer complaints collaboratively with Field with an eye towards delighting the customer

Develops, Trains and Inspires Manager of Process, Productivity and Development, Operations Facilities Coordinator and Operations Coordinator

  • Takes a proactive stance in cross training Ops Team Members
  • Leverages strengths on the team to develop strengths in others
  • Stretches their team and prepares them for the next level 
  • Maintains transparency with their Direct Reports to build trust and buy in
  • Listens, Coaches and Advocates for their team

Responsible for organizing and coordinating Melrose daily operations

  • An advocate for simplification; looks to reduce workload through systemic upgrades 
  • Ensures all daily reports are available and accurate to allow the organization to react appropriately
  • Communicate non-compliance sales audit issues to field management as reported by Accounting
  • Run weekly payroll reports & email it to field management staff using the database created by Operations Analyst
  • This includes store supplies and new store execution along with travel and alarm installations
  • Responsible for store opening & closing procedures and coordination

Shares responsibility with the President/COO in development and measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Sales, Payroll, Shrink and other compliance related issues 

  • Applies inspirational leadership to communicate successes to the organization 
  • Studies the industry to understand how we can learn from others

Ensures all operational policies and procedures are accurately documented and communicated

  • Solicits suggestions on needed changes and secures proper approval 
  • Distributes updated material to the field and home office staff as needed
  • Creates new policies and procedures as the organization or industry evolves

Supports the Upper Field Leadership Team and serves as their primary home office contact

  • This includes running daily, weekly, monthly sales reports by district and uploading to the appropriate end users
  • Collecting and updating weekly itineraries

Manages travel for HQ and Field Teams as needed 

  • Submits completed travel itineraries to President and Accounting  
  • Assist Owners with any special personal travel needs 
  • Ensures travel policy is in place and supports travel needs for both HQ and Field personnel 
  • Able to travel at appropriate intervals to understand Field Opportunities

Assists the President/COO on an as needed basis regarding ongoing operations and special projects. This includes:

  • Coordination of Field Management Meetings
  • Updating NSB with new stores/closed stores, district alignments
  • Running weekly sales reports 
  • Distribution of monthly Sales Goals
  • Works with President to define monthly Bonus Goals
  • Collecting and matching expense reports to field management itineraries
  • College Degree in associated field or 5-10 years industry experience equivalent
  • Proven experience in implementing strategies, policies and procedures
  • Exceptional leadership, organizational and communication skills
  • A prolific multi-tasker, able to handle dynamic workload calmly
  • Able to travel as needed 
  • Proven problem solving skills
  • Familiarity with legal rules and guidelines which intersect operations 
  • A people person; someone who is at ease working with diverse personalities
  • Transitions easily between strategic and hands on