Research & Development Mechanical Engineer – Level 3


  • Be smart, kind, and driven.  These are the core values of Quick Quack, and people who succeed here truly embody all three. 
  • Draw from significant past experience, talent, and critical thought to work collaboratively with leadership, stakeholders, and other engineers to define problems and engineer solutions to those problems using sophisticated, data-driven methods and sound engineering principles 
  • Employ excellent verbal and written communication skills to conduct research, define and run tests, and create high-quality engineering documentation 
  • Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in mechanical modeling and drafting using Solidworks 
  • Show high awareness, and skills, and/or be eager to learn cross-discipline technologies including industrial controls, electrical wiring, programming, and rapid prototyping via FDM printing 
  • Be eager to turn wrenches, cut metal, and get your hands dirty as a part of prototyping, installation, and testing of equipment 
  • Design products that are optimized for manufacturability using our in-house laser cutting and fabrication 
  • Contribute your wisdom and growth-oriented mindset to lead and mentor fellow engineers 

Formal Job Summary:  

The R&D Mechanical Engineer – Level 3 role will be responsible for leading complex mechanical design products and research projects. This will include full system design in the following disciplines: water and chemical pumping systems, high-voltage electrical systems, and hydraulic systems. This role will need to work across multiple departments to help gather requirements from different stakeholders, coordinate prototype and manufacturable builds, plan and execute prototype and validation testing, and strategize for supply chain and pricing considerations.  

Desired Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Use SOLIDWORKS to create detailed models and drawings that incorporate foundational best practices to allow for easy collaboration, editing, and change management.  
  • Use sound engineering principles, creative talent, and knowledge of metal fabrication, material technology, coatings, mechanical systems, hydraulics, and electrical technology to design and engineer cost-optimized, manufacturable, serviceable, long-lasting car wash equipment. 
  • Perform simple FEA studies where needed on different design elements.  
  • Solve complex engineering problems that may arise during the design, manufacturing, or testing phases of a project. This may involve troubleshooting and making quick decisions to keep projects on track. 
  • Manage the planning, scheduling, and execution of projects. This includes setting project goals, budgets, and timelines. 
  • Meet with operations, maintenance, manufacturing, supply chain, and product teams in planning and executing projects. 
  • Oversee and directly work on the development of prototypes to test and validate designs. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to build and evaluate prototypes, making necessary modifications based on test results. 
  • Establish and implement quality control processes to ensure that manufactured products meet design specifications and quality standards. 
  • Interact and program industrial control systems 
  • Create detailed technical documentation, including engineering drawings, specifications, and reports. 
  • Maintain accurate records of design changes and project progress. 
  • Stay up-to-date with advancements in mechanical engineering technology and techniques. Seek opportunities to innovate and improve existing designs and processes. 
  • Performs work independently.  
  • Considered a high-level specialist who regularly interacts and works with senior management.  
  • Provides leadership, coaching, and mentoring to fellow engineers.  


 Qualifications and Requirements: 

  • Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering (or similar) and 8+ years of experience, or a Master’s degree and 6+ years of experience.  
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Good knowledge of at least one high-level programming language 
  • Technical expertise  
  • Able to debug complex, distributed systems  
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Ability to work as part of a team and good interpersonal skills 
  • Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds at times 
  • Willing to travel 15% of the time 

EEOC Category: 2 - Professionals