~Maintenance Technician-

*Maintenance Technician
* Starting at $23/hr

Position Purpose

To maintain property appearance and general functioning of property machinery and systems, applying expertise and knowledge toward the on-going property operation. A professional appearance and attitude are essential.

*Reports to: Director of Maintenance

Supervises: None

Wage Status: Non-Exempt (eligible for overtime).

Normal Hours:*

• 40 Hours per week
• Maintenance personnel are required to assume duties for after hours on an on-call basis. *

Duties and Responsibilities: *

• Performs minor or routine maintenance or repair involving the following on a daily basis: o Electrical and plumbing (including water lines) o A/C and heating systems. o Appliances (when applicable) o Stairs, gates, fences, patios, railings o Tile, carpet, flooring o Roofing, gutters, fasteners o Interior/exterior lights o Gas fixtures and appliances (where applicable) o Shutters, doors, cabinets, windows, sliding glass doors o Door locks, P.O. boxes and locks o Security systems (where applicable) o Ceiling leaks. o Janitorial duties o Walls

• Adhere to all maintenance and purchasing directives as per management/lease agreements and company policies, including to but not limited to; property inspections, work orders, landscaping and grounds, safety, special maintenance items, work order procedure, stock control systems.

• Continually inspect property, record deficiencies, report to Director of

Maintenance and/or Property Manager

• Follows preventative maintenance programs for the property and specific equipment guidelines.

• Responsible for complying with safety regulations to avoid injury to self and others, as well as damage to equipment or buildings.

• Responsible for completing any and all required paperwork (i.e.: Requested reports, logs, timesheets, work orders, etc.) in a timely manner. Ability to fill out documents using a phone or tablet is a must.

• Report accidents and emergency situations to the Property Manager immediately

• Other duties as requested or required.

Equipment Requirement

• Required to wear back support belt, wear goggles when working with specific equipment, wear masks and gloves and other safety equipment as tasks dictate.

Operation of Equipment/Machinery/Tools

• An employee in this position must be knowledgeable and skilled in the safe use and maintenance of the following tools:

Hand Tools Various wrenches, hammer, grips, saws, sledgehammer, snips, posthole diggers, etc.

Power Tools Wrenches, grinders, sanders, drills, saws, etc.

User-Moved Aids Wheelbarrows, dollies, hand trucks, buckets, hoists, jacks, step ladders, full ladders, double ladders.

Mechanical Equip. Motors, pumps, compressors, blowers, electric and hand power augers, etc.

Other Devices as Necessary

Physical Requirements

• Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to be on feet

• Have constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to perform the following physical activities:

Bend/Stoop/Squat Perform routine maintenance/repairs, pick up tools and needed equipment

Climb Stairs Service requests
Push or Pull Move equipment, appliances, open and close doors, etc.

• Lifting/Carrying (supplies, replacement parts, ladders, etc.):

Over 150 lbs. Rare need (less than 1% of the time)

75 lbs. – 150 lbs. Occasional need (1% to
33% of the time)

25 lbs. – 75 lbs. Frequent need (33% to
66% of the time)
1 – 25 lbs. Constant need (66% to

100% of the time)

Note: Lifting and carrying of weights exceeding 75 lbs. is to be accomplished with assistance from one or more persons.

Mental/Emotional Requirements

• Must be able to work in a fast-paced and customer service-oriented environment.

• Performs duties under pressure and meets deadlines in a timely manner.

• Works as part of a team, as well as completes assignments independently.

• Takes instructions from supervisors.

• Exercises problem-solving skills.

• Interacts with co-workers, supervisors, vendors, sub-contractors, owners, tenants, and public in a professional and pleasant manner.

Driving/Traveling Requirement

• Constant need (100% of time) to utilize company provided transportation to travel to assigned property and pick up replacement parts and supplies from vendors.

• Must have valid driver's license free of major moving violations