Fleet Maintenance Manager
Port Charlotte, FL Fleet
Job Type


Position Summary:

The Fleet Maintenance Manager oversees and maintains an effective fleet maintenance program that prolongs the life of company vehicles and equipment, ensures safe operation of all equipment and completes repairs in a timely manner.

This position involves extensive knowledge of all company vehicles and equipment maintenance needs. The ability to recognize when repairs should be performed by an authorized or qualified service center is equally important.

Characteristic Work of the Position:

A. Definition: This work is performed at a professional level in the field of automotive and small equipment repairs and preventive maintenance.

B. Nature: Under the general supervision of the Director of Operations, performs such duties and activities as may be required to keep apparatus and other equipment within warranty requirements, to maintain efficient operating conditions and repair items on an "as needed" basis. The position requires extensive self-directed planning; organizing and supervision of other mechanics to complete regularly scheduled preventive maintenance periods.

Fundamental Duties and Ancillary Responsibilities:

Fundamental Job Duties:

C. Plans regularly scheduled workdays for preventive maintenance tasks utilizing mechanics to complete work details.

D. Will utilize sound judgment on when vehicle repairs should be completed by an outside agency that is authorized or qualified to perform such work.

E. Makes recommendations to the Operations Director regarding the disposition of various vehicles and equipment.

F. Assists the Operations Director in developing a budget regarding vehicle maintenance and equipment repair.


Ancillary Job Responsibilities:

A. Develop and maintain thorough written or computerized records detailing work performed on all vehicles and equipment.

B. Maintains an adequate inventory of repair parts, oil, anti-freeze, grease and other items needed on a regular basis to service vehicles and equipment.

Ambitrans Medical Transport, Inc.

Ambulance Management Services, LLC

Equal Opportunity Employers-all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin. 

Drug Free Workplace




Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:1. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other members of the company, community officials and the general public.2. Ability to supervise and coordinate mechanic personnel to aid and assist in assigned maintenance work.3. Ability to plan and organize work details and schedule regular preventive maintenance assignments.4. Knowledge and familiarity with various outside repair agencies capable of servicing vehicle and equipment repairs and/or maintenance.5. Capability to handle or assign emergency repairs as needed.6. Considerable knowledge of gasoline engines and small equipment.7. Ability to develop and maintain accurate written or computerized records.8. Oral and written communication skills necessary for accurate documentation of various required reports; communicating with the company, the community officials, and the general public. 

A. Special Requirements:

1. Possession of a valid Florida Motor Vehicle Operators License.

B. Minimum Training and Experience:

1. The position of Fleet Maintenance Manger may be also expected to manage inventory of all company property, including furniture, equipment, facilities, and appliances.2. Minimum of two years mechanic experience or equivalent experience maintaining and repairing various types of fire vehicles and small equipment.