International Project Manager

Organizational Overview

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) seeks to transform the health sector worldwide, without compromising patient safety or care, so that it becomes ecologically sustainable and a leading advocate for environmental health and justice. With offices on four continents and partners around the world, Health Care Without Harm is leveraging the health sector’s expertise, purchasing power, political clout, workforce development, and moral authority to create the conditions for healthy people, communities, and the environment.

Working closely with Health Care Without Harm, Practice Greenhealth, is the leading nonprofit membership and network organization for sustainable health care, delivering environmental solutions to more than 1,300 members throughout the United States.


Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) will be launching a new four year project in partnership with UNDP in early 2018. This initiative addresses the intersection between health, human rights and the environment in developing countries. It will promote procurement practices that consider environmental and social impacts, as well as cost-efficiency and affordability when defining how processes will be sustainable. UNDP and HCWH will advocate for the integration of sustainable procurement and waste management practices in national policies, programs and plans. 

This initiative will leverage the broad reach and deep relationships that HCWH has established with hospitals and health systems, both public and private on every continent through its Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network. It will also help scale up best practices developed by HCWH together with leading health systems in the U.S.  The initiative aims to aggregate demand for sustainable manufacturing and waste management in a critical number of project countries and to slowly but surely move the supply chain towards greater sustainability. The outcome expected is a corresponding positive impact on the environment and on the health of patients, hospital staff, and workers at medical product manufacturing sites and of local communities. 

The initiative focuses on two distinct groups of developing countries whose health economies are interrelated. First, it aims to work in a group of lower income countries to develop and pilot a set of procurement practices and policies aimed at sustainability that synergize with the SPHS strategy of greening global health aid through UN agencies and other international organizations, multilateral agencies and bilateral donors. Second, in its global component, the project will work in fast growing economies whose health sectors make up a sizable portion of world consumption, have a major influence in other countries in their region, and whose industrial sectors produce many of the products for the global supply chain—including for the United Nations. These include Brazil, China, India and South Africa. Engaging these countries in sustainable procurement strategies in symphony with similar work in Europe and the US will be aimed at building critical mass to move global production.

Position Description

HCWH in partnership with UNDP will be implementing a four year sustainable procurement project across ten countries (4 countries and two regions directly managed by HCWH). The Project Manager will be responsible for all project management aspects from inception to conclusion of the project in 4 countries and two regions, reporting to the International Managing Director, and working closely with the project’s program lead, with HCWH US Chief Operations Officer and the leadership of HCWH in the various project countries and regions. HCWH works through partners and regional offices in the United States, Latin America, South East Asia, South Africa, China, India and Europe.

The project manager will be responsible for providing business support and project structure, making sure the project is on track financially and programmatically, leading all financial and reporting management aspects of the project.

The Project Manager will be a liaison between the International and Operations teams on all aspects of this project. As a member of the HCWH International Team, they will provide support and leadership to HCWH’s international work and contribute to HCWH’s capacity to manage its international grants.   The project manager will also be part of the U.S. finance and administration team, which has responsibility for the project’s financial and administrative management. 


Ideal Candidate

HCWH is looking for a highly experienced Project Manager with expertise in multi-country projects, particularly with regards to financial management, project management and donor compliance. Proven ability to tackle difficult program management issues and solve problems in a constructive, positive and ultimately results-driven way. 

Sound financial management and grant management experience together with networking skills and relationship building skills, and excellent abilities to collaborate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders in a complex and networked organization, providing guidance and leadership.


  • Lead all project management aspects of the project: plans, contracts, budget and keeping stakeholders on track and accountable. Provide project management leadership and operational support to the delivery of a multi-country project across the duration of the respective contract and to their project coordinators in HCWH and partner organizations, through strong collaboration with the Directors. (This may involve direct line management of project staff, or operational line management shared with strategic project leads). 
  • Financial Management: Manage international and country budgets, supervise financial information and engage with HCWH US financial team.
  • Contract Management: be responsible for financial and programmatic reporting to donor, risk and donor compliance management along the project implementation.
  • Maintain a management overview of all country project contracts as well as tracking and reporting on key programmatic and corporate risks. 
  • Be the Focal point for all stakeholders involved in the project and co-convene the international Project team.
  • Link closely to HCWH US and the International team on cross/country program management best practices and provide leadership on bringing cutting edge learning and innovation into HCWH. 
  • Contribute to HCWH thinking and practice on managing multi-country programs and support the management of HCWH international partnerships.
  • Ensure project coordinators and EDs are supported by appropriate business processes and allocated sufficient project management support to enable them to deliver effectively; 
  • Work with key stakeholders across the organization and with partners to ensure that project staff  is effectively and adequately resourced; 
  • Maintain a close matrix working relationship with key teams and stakeholders in HCWH and partners. Actively participate in the program portfolio development process and HCWH international planning and budgeting process; 
  • Periodically support the effective inception and establishment of the project, as well as to support the resolution of major implementation challenges, or support major redesigns or new phases.
  • Convene Project management calls and meetings, follow up agreements and keep stakeholder accountable


  • At least 3 years of experience managing country, regional or international projects;
  • At least 2 years of experience working with NGOs and developing organizations;
  • Seasoned country, regional  and/or international program and contract management background, especially with complex and multi-country projects and programs, with multiple stakeholders; 
  • Experience in grant management or contract management from a headquarters perspective;
  • Expertise and experience in multi-country financial and programmatic management, including best practice and effective program management; 
  • Highly developed project management skills and experience, particularly with regards to financial management, program quality, risk management, and donor compliance, with a proven track record in these areas. 
  • Highly motivated and adaptable self-starter who can work effectively on an independent basis in a changing environment; 
  • Ability to take a risk management and compliance approach, balanced with the empowerment of and support to countries, regions and other program units within HCWH’s environment who are directly implementing projects and programs; 
  • Ability to gather and generate learning and experience and convey this in a constructive and collaborative way to various teams; 
  • Highly developed networking skills and relationship building skills, and excellent ability to operate effectively in matrix relationships in a complex and networked organization; 
  • Discretion, confidentiality, and excellent professional and managerial judgement; 
  • Proven ability to effectively coordinate stakeholders and resources for a common purpose; 
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in written form, for internal and external communication to a wide range of audiences, and the development and review of grant proposals, briefing documents, etc; 
  • Proven ability to tackle difficult issues and challenging or complex relationships in a constructive, positive and ultimately results-driven way; 
  • Strong, creative and constructive problem-solving skills. 
  • Experience and skills in using project and/or contract management systems and software; 
  • Experience working in a matrix environment with dual reporting lines.
  • Ability to travel occasionally (up to 4 times per year).
  • Commitment to the investment in, and empowerment, of HCWH country and regional offices and partners. 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with the health sector and/or environmental NGOs.
  • Experience working in partnership with UNDP and donor compliance under UNDP.
  • Experience working in sustainable procurement projects. 
  • Experience in undertaking project or program reviews and/or evaluations; Understanding of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) methodologies.
  • Experience working in country offices or field offices in developing countries.
  • Working knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi or Chinese.


Full time position. This position regularly requires attending calls outside of office hours and some weekend work. The person should be flexible to accommodate working with different time zones.

What’s In It For You?

  • Work for an organization where the mission is inspiring and your colleagues are passionate and motivated.
  • Work with staff that care deeply for the mission and the network of people carrying out that mission.
  • Be part of an inspirational eclectic network.
  • Fantastic benefits!

To Apply Or Inquire

Upload a cover letter and resume to Veronique Nagle, HR Director, Here . Questions can be addressed to  Only competitive candidates will be invited to participate further in the recruitment process. Position open until filled. Interviewing on a rolling basis. 

Commitment to Diversity

Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth are committed to seeking and sustaining culturally and ethnically diverse organizations, and to the principles that promote inclusive practices. We are dedicated to building a diverse staff with expertise and interest in serving the mission of the organizations in respectful ways. HCWH is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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