2024 Residential Counselors, Summer Dance Program & Junior Summer Intensive
Boston, MA Boston Ballet School
Job Type

Boston Ballet School (BBS) seeks a team of 50+ Residential Counselors (RCs) to support the residential component of two 2024 summer programs:

Summer Dance Program (SDP), a five-week intensive for students ages 12-18. The residential component is housed at Boston University (BU). Dates are Monday, June 10 through Saturday, July 27.

Junior Summer Intensive (JSI), a two-week program for students ages 9-12. Both the training and the residential component are housed at Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA. Dates are Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 26.

As part of the application process, candidates will be given the option to choose whether they would like to be considered for one or both programs.


For both programs, RCs are first and foremost responsible for creating an exciting, safe, and nurturing environment by:

  • Acting as role models / resources for students.
  • Helping students navigate roommate conflicts, homesickness, etc.
  • Hosting regular social/recreational programs, either for small or large student groups.
  • Hosting weekly floor meetings for their cohort.
  • Reporting concerns about individual students' safety and wellbeing to program leadership

Please see below for additional details specific to each program:



Dates and Compensation:

This is a seven-week position. RCs will spend the first week remote before being in Boston for the following six weeks.

  • Virtual/Remote training: Monday, June 10 through Friday, June 14
  • Staff move-in day: Monday, June 17
  • In-person training: Monday, June 17 through Friday, June 21
  • Students on campus: Saturday, June 22 through Saturday, July 27
  • Staff will be finished the evening of Saturday, July 27, but may stay at BU until Sunday, July 28

In addition to a $2,700 stipend, room and board at Boston University is provided for all staff.


Full-time, live-in Residential Counselors will work (in pairs) to directly oversee groups of 17-20 students.

In addition to evening duty shifts six nights per week, RCs will rotate through a variety of support shifts:

  • Residential Office (~three occurrences all summer):
    • Responding to incoming phone calls and emails from parents
    • Overseeing students coming and going from the dorms
    • Being available to on-site student needs
  • BBS Studios (~ four to five occurrences all summer):
    • Ensuring students are supervised in transit between BU and BBS
    • Helping Administrative staff monitor students coming and going from the studios
    • Supervising students on short trips during their breaks (coffee runs, lunch trips, etc.)
  • Medical Appointment Chaperone (~ one to two occurrences all summer):
    • Chaperoning students to off-site appointments scheduled by program medical staff
  • On-call Floater (~ one to two occurrences all summer):
    • Acting as an extra office/studio/medical chaperone shift
    • Running errands (for supplies, etc.)
  • * Weekend Field Trip Chaperone (~four occurrences all summer):
    • Chaperoning students on off-campus field trips (planned by BBS)
  • * Weekend Chaperone (~four occurrences all summer):
    • Being available to support and run programs for the students not on weekend field trips

* With no dance classes, weekends are "all hands on deck" between off-campus field trips and on-campus programming.



Dates and Compensation:

This is a three-week position.

  • Staff move-in day: Monday, July 8
  • In-person training: Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12
  • Students on campus: Sunday, July 14 through Friday, July 26
  • Staff will be finished the evening of Friday, July 26, but may stay at Walnut Hill until Saturday, July 27

In addition to a $1,400 stipend, room and board at Walnut Hill School for the Arts is provided for all staff.


Full-time, live-in Residential Counselors will work (in pairs) to directly oversee groups of 12-15 students. However, with this being a smaller, younger program, there will be much more of an "all hands on deck" approach throughout the two weeks students are present. 

In addition to preparing for and hosting programs on and around campus in the evenings and over the weekend, RCs will share in the supervision of all students (residential and commuter) in the following shifts:

  • Dining hall supervision (breakfast / lunch / dinner)
  • Rotating weekday on-call (during classes / between meals)

Candidates must:

  • Work as part of a large team of peers, where a variety of work styles and personalities are represented.
  • Relate to and communicate with students/parents with empathy and compassion.
  • Make quick, confident decisions and respond well in emergency situations.
  • Remain resilient and establish healthy work-life boundaries.
  • Have at least four weeks of experience working in a supervisory role with children and/or teens.
  • Be 18 years old by the time the position begins. (i.e. born on or before June 10, 2006)
  • Be available to fully commit to all scheduled shifts, throughout both the day and night. (Other work or school commitments are difficult to accommodate.)

Upon hiring, candidates will be asked to provide Boston Ballet with the following, signed by a licensed healthcare provider: 

  • a report of a physical examination conducted in the preceding 18 months, 
  • a certificate of immunization for all immunizations required for working at a camp in Massachusetts (download list here), and 
  • a current medical history that lists allergies, required medications, and any health conditions or impairments which may affect the individual’s activities while attending the program.

Staff members are responsible for getting themselves to Boston; Boston Ballet does not provide transportation or cover travel fees.

Salary Description
$2,700 (SDP) / $1,400 (JSI), plus room and board