Cleaning Attendant

Job Summary:

This position performs daily and project cleaning in patient areas, non-patient areas, offices, departments and corridors. Will use cleaning equipment including but not limited to vacuum cleaners, buffing machines, cleaning carts, large and small wet mops and other necessary tools. Will clean blood and body fluids when performing duties. Will move furniture, collect linen and trash throughout the hospital.


Essential Functions:

  • Performs daily cleaning of patient rooms, ancillary areas, corridors, offices, and other hospital areas. May be required to perform the duties of guardsman, linen attendant or other EVS employee at times as described in their respective job description.
  • Sanitizes horizontal surfaces, walls, furniture, floors, bathrooms, etc.
  • Washes walls, ceiling tile grids, doors, baseboards, windows, stairwells, and vents.
  • Cleans Stairwells and elevators. Dust and damp mops floors in corridors, entrances, stairwells, and other areas assigned.
  • Collects trash, infectious waste, and recyclables from all areas within the hospital and transports to designated sites.
  • Performs dismissal cleaning following patient discharge and transfer.
  • Performs vacuuming and cleaning of carpeting.
  • Checks supplies and replenishes as needed
  • Collects and transports linen (cleaned and soiled) to designated areas.
  • Moves equipment, furniture and assists in setting up meeting rooms.
  • Assists in cleaning of emergency spills, including blood and bodily fluids.
  • Performs specialized cleaning for precautions rooms, labor and delivery and surgery.
  • Changes and launders or cleans curtains, blinds, draperies and shower curtains.
  • Properly understands and utilizes cleaning chemicals required to perform job duties.
  • Turns in lost and found items to immediate supervisor or office coordinator.
  • Reports any mechanical failures or negative conditions as observed in assigned area for preparation of work order for maintenance.
  • Supplies and equipment are kept clean and orderly.
  • Attends department in-service training and educational programs.
  • Performs any other tasks which may be assigned.
  • Patient safety
  • Customer satisfaction