Racetrack Flag Marshal
Job Type

Racetrack Flag Marshal

 Part time seasonal March thru October

Summary of Duties:

Racetrack Flag Marshals keep events running smoothly and are the first to report anything that happens on the track. As the eyes and ears of event officials, Racetrack Flag Marshals are an integral part of the safety and communications network for each and every event and an important element to track operations. A Marshal’s job is to monitor a particular section (corner) of the racetrack and alert on-coming racers of any dangers as they occur.

Reporting Relationship: Racetrack Flag Marshals are under the direction of Control when on track and are supervised by the Corners and Control Coordinator. 

Working Conditions: Racetrack Flag Marshal’s will be exposed to hot, cold, and inclement weather conditions as primary duties are all performed outdoors.

Primary Duties:

PIRC personnel work as a supportive and interdependent team. These responsibilities are intended as a general illustration of the work performed in this job classification and are not all inclusive for this position. Other duties will be assigned and a willingness to assist other PIRC roles is a requirement. 

  • Promote and facilitate a culture based on reputation, respect, integrity, and dependability.
  • Provide visual communication (flagging) to drivers on track. 
  • Communicate verbally (via two-way radio) to Track Control. 
  • Monitor track conditions to detect hazards. 
  • Report injured and/or disabled drivers to Track Control and provide assistance as directed. 
  • Maintain work area and equipment in a clean and orderly manner.
  • Ensure compliance with fire, safety, and security standards. 
  • Adhere to Pitt Race dress code and all safety standards for dress. 
  • Properly utilize all required personal protective equipment.
  • Complete hands-on fire extinguisher training and be aware of proper fire extinguishers utilization.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Ability to quickly distinguish between different car and flag colors.
  • Ability to focus for long periods of time.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time in a defined area.
  • Ability to function in a stressful environment.
  • Complete CPR training.
Salary Description
$13 /hour