Construction Manager I (Southern Indiana)


Department: Construction Inspection

Reports to: Department Manager

Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering (BSCE) or Associates Degree in Construction Management/Technology (ADC) preferred

Registration: None Required

Experience: BSCE and not less than 6 years construction related experience; or ADC and not less than 8 years construction related experience; or not less than 10 years construction related experience.


• Must have passed all INDOT Certified Technician tests.

• Must be competent in Site Manager, certification preferred.

• Must pass all training/certification classes assigned by the Department Manager.


Represent the convening local authority as their on-site representative

Able to manage projects up to $3 million construction cost or greater

Responsible for the project’s daily operations and compliance with the plans, contract documents, specifications

Responsible for all aspects of project inspection, including but not limited to; the preparation and submission of reports, keeping accurate records of work performed for purposes of payments to the Contractor, material records, and preparation of the Final Construction Record

Perform inspection duties on various construction activities and delegate work assignments to technicians and/or inspectors as needed

Act as a liaison between the prime contractor and the owner(s) of the contract by coordinating and conducting progress meetings, handling project correspondence, distribution of minutes and helping to maintain the project schedule

Maintain the confidentiality of information regarding clients and company practices

Perform other duties as assigned


Must possess strong interpersonal skills

Must possess good communication skills

Must possess excellent organizational and management skills

Must possess other technical skills necessary to perform the duties of this position


Physical Requirements:

Able to work seated or standing 8 or more hours per day

Able to work 40 hours or more per work week, as needed

Able to work outdoors for long periods of time in all weather conditions while negotiating uneven or difficult terrain

Able to travel throughout Indiana including overnight stays

Able to lift heavy objects in excess of 50 pounds, as required to perform material testing as needed in accordance with the INDOT MANUAL FOR FREQUENCY OF SAMPLING AND TESTING

Other Requirements:

Posses a valid Indiana driver’s license

Agree to abide by the policies identified on the Company Policy