Chief Operating Officer
Job Type

As UNICO Group is poised to maintain a leadership position in the ever-transitioning marketplace, the company requires a leader to contribute to the company vision and to participate in developing the strategic direction of the company, understanding the internal importance of this while maneuvering through a complex, diverse, and challenging market segment. The COO will utilize their skills and knowledge to ensure that UNICO Group has the future intellectual capital and processes necessary to stay in front of the competition as the market continues to evolve. Ultimate focus being on client experience and retention, and how the operations of the company support these relationships to produce sustainable growth and minimize risk.

A strong people leader, the COO is collectively accountable for a staff and will have significant interaction with the President, providing impactful information on operational strategies and project implementation. The COO will cultivate and grow existing relationships with business acquisition partners and community stakeholders.

Accountable directly to the President for executing the company's mission, overall strategy, and business plan. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) demonstrates a solid understanding of leading governance and operational practices and contributes to the success of the company's vision and goals with strategic initiatives, mirroring the President's agenda, and through collaboration with the Executive Team. 

The COO will collaborate with the President and cooperate with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the operational aspects of the annual financial forecast. 


Client Experience & Retention

  • Meet/Exceed annual client retention target.
  • Manage and cultivate existing relationships with strategic stakeholders, including trade associations, regulatory supervisors, and reinsurance providers.
  • At times, publicly represent UNICO Group with the media and external stakeholder groups, including community, governmental, regulatory, and private service sectors, to uphold the company's mission and strategic direction.

Operational Leadership (Lead, Manage, Accountable)

  • Provide effective leadership by being involved in all business aspects and developing a broad and deep knowledge of the UNICO Group insurance industry.
  • Streamline operations, improve processes, and enhance productivity across departments to achieve operational and strategic goals.
  • Establish and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to evaluate operational efficiency.
  • Identify, assess, and mitigate operational and financial risks to protect UNICO Group’s assets and reputation.
  • Coach and guide the Executive Team to implement UNICO Group’s strategic plan and operational initiatives.
  • Coach and guide the Operational Team to develop and execute operational and strategic initiatives.
  • Present operational updates to executive leadership, the Board of Directors, and other stakeholders to ensure transparency and alignment with strategic objectives.
  • Coach, evaluate and develop the operational team to expand capacity.

Project Management

  • Work closely with the Executive Team to drive cohesive strategies and initiatives that support P&L objectives.
  • Develop and manage the annual Operations Excellence Plan. 
  • Provide operational leadership and input for all strategic plan implementation processes.
  • Meet quality and timeliness deadlines for all projects assigned.
  • Work within an established tracking system in reporting progress against the strategic and operational excellence plan implementation.
  • Identify opportunities to leverage cross-divisional strengths or strategic UNICO Group affiliations to capitalize on new opportunities and address organizational challenges.

Profit/Loss Management

  • Collaborate on the annual operational forecast, manage effectively within this forecast, and report accurately on progress made and challenges encountered.
  • Implement strategies to optimize costs, improve margins, and drive overall financial performance.
  • Oversee budgeting, forecasting, and operational financial planning processes to ensure profitability and growth.


  • Excellent in organizational management and able to coach teams with a well-developed, skilled, and collaborative approach.
  • History of effectively leading a service-oriented organization with a complex array of initiatives and with the ability to leverage strengths across company sectors, excellent project management skills.
  • Analytic and decisive decision-maker able to prioritize and communicate to staff key objectives and tactics necessary to achieve organizational goals.
  • History of leading organizational transformation projects and programs.
  • Commit to a collaborative work environment, quality programs, and data-driven program evaluation.
  • Able to engage stakeholders within a competitive and rapidly changing work environment.
  • Individual with strong written and verbal communication skills and a persuasive communicator with proficient presentation skills.
  • Results-oriented, entrepreneurial in spirit and action, flexible, and innovative approach to operational management.
  • Passion, humility, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed.


  • An individual with extensive operational management experience is required. The successful candidate will collaborate with the President, CFO, and Executive Team to establish and execute company initiatives.
  • Minimum education of bachelor’s degree required.
  • Ten years minimum of relatable experience.
  • History in senior management.
  • Experience with operational forecasting and fiscal management.
  • Knowledge of the insurance industry is an asset.
  • Experience managing personnel functions such as performance, compensation, and hiring.

Professional. Team Player. Positive. Trust.