Sales Manager

The Director of Advisor Development is responsible for the direction, performance, and management of our UNICO Advisors. The Director of Advisor Development is expected to play a pivotal role in promoting accountability and fostering growth within the organization's sales team. This person will have the autonomy to implement strategies and initiatives that enhance our sales team's efficiency and effectiveness. 


Sales Leadership (LMA - Lead, Manage, Accountable)

  • Coach and guide the Sales team to develop and execute sales goals and initiatives. 
  • Conduct thorough and insightful performance evaluations of Advisors, offering valuable feedback to the Advisor, their mentor, and the executive leadership team to enhance individual and team effectiveness.  
  • Implement continuous improvement initiatives based on performance insights, fostering a culture of growth and excellence within the sales function. 
  • Establish and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) to help us achieve our annual goals. 
  • Present sales department updates to executive leadership and other stakeholders to ensure transparency and alignment with strategic objectives. 

Training and Development

  • Oversee the UNICO Ascent sales process, ensuring team members are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively execute the sales methodology and drive successful outcomes.  
  • Manage and nurture the relationship with our outside sales consultant, ensuring effective communication and collaboration between the two parties. 
  • Coordinate and organize sales meetings and trainings to facilitate effective communication, collaboration among team members, and a commitment to continuous improvement. 
  • Coordinate and lead quarterly and annual planning discussions, fostering collaboration among teams to strategize and align objectives for successful organizational planning. 
  • Ensure that relevant materials and information are prepared for each meeting.  
  • Development of advisor perpetuation plans along with analysis to ensure our advisors are optimizing their time and attention. 

Sales Recruiting

  • Collaborate closely with Human Resources to address staffing needs within the sales team, ensuring alignment between organizational objectives and talent acquisition strategies.  
  • Actively participate in recruitment processes, leveraging expertise to identify and attract top-tier talent for the sales function.  
  • Coordinate and track onboarding and training programs for new employees within the sales function.  
  • Collaborate with relevant leaders and team members to ensure a smooth integration process for new hires. 

Sales Operations and Reporting

  • Drive sales success by implementing effective sales measurables and reporting strategies, ensuring accurate tracking of key performance indicators, and providing insightful analysis to optimize the sales team's performance. 
  • Spearhead the integration and utilization of innovative sales enablement tools and technology, empowering the sales force with innovative resources to streamline processes, enhance communication, and maximize overall efficiency in achieving sales objectives. 
  • Manage sales reports and dashboards in our Agency Management System to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. 
  • Analyze data trends to provide insights that contribute to informed decision-making. 
  • Manage annual sales agreements and execution plan.  


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, listening, negotiation, and presentation skills. 
  • Consultation and Business Acumen 
  • Proven ability to drive the sales process from start to finish. 
  • Elevated level of proficiency in Excel, displaying the ability to manage data, create complex spreadsheets, and utilize advanced functions for data analysis. 
  • Proven ability to articulate the distinct aspects of services and products. 
  • Knowledge of how to develop client-focused, differentiated, and achievable solutions. 
  • Understanding of how to position products against competitors. 


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience required. Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree preferred.  
  • Experience: Seven to ten years of sales experience required.  
  • Experience in group benefits/property & casualty insurance is ideal.  
  • Relevant experience in a leadership or managerial position is ideal.

Professional. Team Player. Positive. Trust.